walter rodney’s opus, “how europe underdeveloped africa”revisited..

while watching newcastle united stunningly defeat leicester city yesterday afternoon, 4-2, all but assuring their place in the epl next season (that brother from paraguay..ese indio, miguel almiron..he’s got game) thoughts floated to an article in common dreams entitled,” 152 trillion dollars. that’s how much wealthy countries drained from the global south since 1960.”.. in sum it states, “the wealthy economies of the global north appropriate 2.2 trillion dollars of wealth annually of resources and labor- embodied in raw materials and hi-tech commodities like smartphones, laptops and cars that are increasingly manufactured abroad- from developing countries in asia, africa and latin america..that amount of money could end extreme poverty globally 15 times over..imperialism never ended it just changed form.”..this utterly horrific news reminded me of something dr. henrik clarke would state endlessly, “slavery was never abolished, the enslavers simply became more scientific.”..which brings me to brother rodney’s aforementioned 1972 classic..slavery, imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, militarism, racism, underdevelopment..what the past 500+ years bipoc communities globally continue to contend bourgeois bipoc, you’re such a big part of this endless enslavement and underdevelopment..will you ever realize that your ego inflating titles, professions, educational experiences, incomes, sick-ass materialism..your entire lives don’t mean shit to anyone but your puny little selves..and this toxic socioeconomic system that has spawned you?..I see your wack-ass daily postings on linkedin..pure, unmitigated, self-aggrandizing the name of d,e& the name of decolonizing the name of creating better nonprofits..all bullshit..despierta mi gente..nos mienten constantemente..son mentirosos de lucha continua..🙏🏽✌🏽

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