the last poets, gil scott heron, pedro pietri..los bravos de la pelicula..

gil scott, pedro p, the last poets..bipoc brothers whose every word, lyric and stanza mesmerized my teenage heart/mind..dropping science with every breath..timely and timeless, their artistry pulverized every single white/gringo/capitalist/militarist/racist/imperialist/colonialist thought to ashes and dust..every listening/reading/memory of their work is like skinny dipping in a cool river of agave sweetened hibiscus ginger tea..(and I can’t even swim!)..revolutionary medicine for the spirit..the last poets’ classic, “niggers are scared of revolution”..words that are on endless reverb in my heart/mind..”you can take niggers out of the country but you can’t take the country outta niggers.”..the bipoc mis-leadership class!..gil scott’s “winter in america.”..the lyrics “and with the peace sign that vanished in our dreams, never had a chance to grow..and now it’s winter in america and nobody’s fighting ‘cause nobody knows what to say.”..a drop the mike moment..y pedro p’s “suicide note from a cockroach in a low income housing project.”..a sample,”the republican party the democratic party con edison general electric gillete razor blades playtex general motors and all those deadly odors blessed by the daily news should take an overdose of that birth control pill their test tube minds invented in their spare time.” your spirits a favor and check out these brothers’ word symphonies..they’re all my muses, my heart/mind/ gracias mi brothers…bueno, llegamos al fin pero no al cabo porque todavia falta y mucho!..cojelo con take it easy, familia porque la lucha continua..✌🏽🙏🏽👩🏽‍🌾

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