pa’ ti, tumbao de guaraguao..un poquito de tato..

“congas..congas..congas..congas..congas..congas..desperate hands need a fix from the healthy skin of the congas..congas the biggest threat to heroin..congas make junkies hands healthier..las venas se curan ligero con las congas conguito congas..congueros salsa de guarapo melao azucarero..congas on summer months take the place of the winter fire that the wino congregation seeks, the fire….que calienta los tecatos muertos de frio en el seno de un verano..congas gather around..con un rumboncito caliente…y ahi vienen los morenos a gozar con sus flautas y su soul jazz..congas..congas..tecata’s milk gets warmed..broken veins leave misery..hypodermic needles melt from the voodoo curse of the conga madness.. the congas clean the gasses in the air, the congas burn out everything not natural to our people..congas strong cuchifrito juice giving air condition to faces unmolested by the winds and the hot jungles of loisaida streets..chevere, rumbones, me afecto, me afecto, me afecto, me afecto.”……the new rumbon by tato laviera..a taste of one of our literary giants….y que sigue la rumba..hoy, manana y siempre!!💃🏽🕺🏽🪘🪘🪘

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