capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt. uno

as i embark on my daily ritual of perusing the news headlines i’m painfully struck by the horrifying amount of pain and suffering that humanity continues to inflict upon itself and our home, mother earth..from india to honduras to palestine to venezuela to columbia to brazil to myammar to puerto rico to iraq to afghanistan to iran to lebanon to the south bronx to harlem to flint, michigan to the mexican/us border and beyond..the banality/criminality of the ongoing debate surrounding patent waivers and the sharing of intellectual property regarding the Covid-19 vaccines..their creation being funded by the us taxpayer..You and Me!..another example of the inhumane/immoral/criminal greed of big pharma and its servants(gates, fauci, etc)..the hoarding of vaccines by the global north while in the global south black and brown humans are getting infected and dying by the hundreds of thousands daily..while in nyc unlimited metro cards are being given to entice humans to get jabbed and in some areas of the us, 100 dollars and/or free beer is being offered..between the never ending global pandemic and the us led/sanctioned/supported militarism that is being perpetrated upon black and brown children, women and men, globally and domestically, one must conclude that white supremacy/capitalism has lifted its filthy, blood stained curtain, revealing its true nature..planetary gangsterism that makes the mafia, cosa nostra, crips and bloods, the myriad “illicit” drug cartels, et al look like choir boys.. the planetary bourgeoisie have managed to perpetuate mayhem and chaos locally and globally..through pandemic apartheid, the forced underdevelopment of the global south for the bougeosie’s obscene greed and enrichment, the endless militarism to perpetually subjugate brown and black humanity seeking peace, health, the ability to care for themselves and their lead lives that are trauma free, allowing them to thrive..imperialism/colonialism never ended, it just became more scientific, with the same grotesquely brutal never ending consequences..but does anyone even notice all the planetary carnage occurring before our very eyes?..and if so, what are we, the victims of this carnage going to do about stopping the planetary bourgeoisie’s murderous behaviors?…to be continued ✌🏽😷

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