capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt2

the evening news flashed a scene from the oval office..kamala, nancy, mitch, chuck and joe..masked up, socially distant..dems and repubs duopoly playing game press conference time..mitch, his lying ass self, drops a biggie, “ feb 2020 the economy was at its strongest in 50 years.”..really pendejo, for whom? oh, for you, your thieving wife, elaine and all your wealthy friends, donors (corporate and individual), the top 10%, there was that massive tax cut you and your pendejo honcho, donald shoved down our throats.. the filthy rich got richer and more compensation over 300 times more than the average worker..while you and your greedy pendejo/a/x friends cry a river when it comes to raising the fed minimum wage to 15/hr!. what makes this arroz con culo so sickening is that 15/hr isn’t even a living ain’t’s been calculated that taking into account cost of living, etc a living wage would be over 40/hr!.mira pa’alla.. cuarenta cocos por hora!! y estos cabrones capitalistas lloran que no pueden dar 15 cuando un cabron/pendejo como bezos es casi un trillonario!.mira pa’alla!..y nosotros los de abajo, los de calle, los humildes que se fajan dia y noche para sobrevivir..comiendonos un cable!..can’t save a dime, trying to squeeze water from a pesadilla gringolandia..and the bipoc bourgeoisie sitting pretty, mimicking the blanquito bourgeoisie, with their bullshit charities and foundations..hey! pendejos/as/x, charity isn’t justice..helloooo!!..i can go on because the bullshit we’re bombarded with by the media, the mis-education system, etc is ceaseless..never ending bullshit to contemplate, al estilo afro/indio/boricua desde harlem..hasta luego✌🏽🪘❤️

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt2

  1. It’s a carousel where we are the horses going round and round, up and down non stop . we have no access to the stop and go buttons. You don’t step down from the carousel, you fall out of it because you are dead. There are plenty of people willing to replace them. How sad and depressing. How do we reach people who bought tickets to get on the carousel.


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