capitalism as planetary gangsterism parte cuarto…

as the pandemic seems to be in a slumber outside my harlem window..a lovely saturday night with the ever present aroma of weed floating over the neighborhood (marijuana’s been legalized here long long time ago..didn’t need a politico’s blessing..herbal medication to deal with the ceaseless trauma created by living in a dehumanizing, debased socioeconomic system..the c word that gringos and euros have bludgeoned mother earth and its inhabitants with for over 500 years..planetary gangsters y’all..killers, grifters, torturers, rapists..cold, heartless sick fucks! of the americas aka the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation (some park av branding bullshit) academy for socio/psychopaths that serve wall street and k enrollment for up and coming fascist murderers of women and children..they must have a chapter in israel as the idf continues their genocidal incursion of gaza..hamas with their toy rockets up against one of the most powerful military machines on the planet (our tax dollars at work, immersed in the blood of women and children that look like me)..and that yang dude running for mayor..what a pandering piece of shit, just like every other gringo politico that pledges endless allegiance to the apartheid state of israel.. the mother of apartheid protecting her sibling..white settler colonialist brethren, usa/israel..finally, with 90% of the world’s people yet to get vaccinated and covid wreaking havoc in Latin America, a cacophony of pain, suffering, loss and death..and cuba having created 3 covid vaccines but due to the criminal us-led 60 yr blockade don’t have enough syringes..more gringo derived sick never ends with these fucking be lucha continua..✌🏽😷❤️🪘🌼

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