capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt 5

as the idf continues its slaughter of palestine’s children in gaza..close to 4 billion dollars annually to israel to finance state sponsored terrorism (your tax dollars at work) there any palatable difference between zionism and nazism..i don’t see it..the us settler colonialist government in full effect..revolting isn’t it, terrorist apartheid state run amok..they vaporized a building that had press folks from al-jazeera, the associated press, et al..that’s one way to silence the press while murdering innocents..on another matter, know what the pmc is?.professional managerial class..capitalism’s bourgeoisie..the jds, phds, rev drs, msws, lcsw-rs, mbas, ceos, svps, coos, cpos, vps, cfos, eds, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam..the overeducated yet ignorant, self centered, arrogant and functionally useless muppets/puppets that capitalism spawns as a buffer between the lords of capital and the dark, dirty, brooding masses of humans “los de abajo..the wretched of the earth..mi gente”, that become collateral damage as planetary capital marches along like the energizer bunny on some serious crack..just go to linkedin, they is alll there swappin spit..and the really, really sick shit is that sooo many of them are bipoc!.mira’pa’alla!..que cosa..parece mentira..pero no lo es..any of y’all heard fela anikulapo kuti’s classic, “zombie”, recorded 1976..check it out on utube..speaks for itself and applies to the pmc as mi gente, there’s beaucoup work to be done to save ourselves, our children, our children’s children, etc, etc..because as is evident we not only have to contend with the saltine cracker lords of planetary capitalism but with their bipoc servants within the pmc as well.. the house negroes/negresses/negrexs..buckle up and enjoy the ride, mi lucha continua🪘🪘😷✊🏽👊🏽❤️

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