capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt7..

what is, is/what is not, is possible/only that which is not is possible..the yoke of planetary capitalism must be shattered..the power of the planetary capitalist gangsters/bourgeoisie/pmc must be extinguished..there is no other way, in order to save ourselves and mother earth..was reading an opinion piece by a progressive/establishment journalist..they wrote about collectivism, cooperation and community building as the way forward..please.. I have been writing about these very same ideals for several years now..what the so-called progressive/social justice/blm/red nation, et al movements don’t ever talk about is revolution..the r word..that which is not is possible..we cannot continue with the theatrical performances of marches and rallies..the lords of planetary capital are endlessly bemused/relieved by such lame acts of protest..knowing that they have all the big guns and bullets to..well, you know, retain their sociopathic security!.let me be clear again..the end of capitalism must be envisioned then implemented, in full and fierce’s not going to happen via zoom, google chat, twitter or facebook..that which is not is possible..only through revolution will we create a world, create life worth living..the r word..i reached out to a couple of “known” social justice came off like a saltine cracker, the other, warmly supportive..a stark contrast..the progressive journalism industrial complex..more distraction to protect a failed state..revolution is our only path toward..that which is not is possible.. the world is more than ready to annihilate what has created a 500+ year trail of tears, broken/lifeless minds, hearts and bodies..planetary capitalism’s legacy…but..that which is not is possible.. it is up to each and every one of us to make that which is not, lucha continua 🪘🪘🪘🪘🪘🌼🙏🏽

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt7..

  1. Most are afraid of the word Revolution. Because it has been presented in the most negative of light. Yet the French Revolution and The U.S. Colonies Revolution are very applauded and held in high esteem. Could it be that only White People can engage in Revolution? And the rest of us are labeled terrorists when we engage in actions to break the chains of oppression.


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