capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt6..

and the hits keep coming..sleepy joe/kamala and their state/terror dept called for some form of “lessening of tensions” in gaza while the scandal plagued netanyahu gives a speech, sounding like the dead little house painter that almost conquered the world some 80 years ago..words to the effect, “we will kill every hamas leader, blow up every hamas tunnel, etc”..he (in)conveniently omitted the most salient part..”we will kill as many innocent palestinian children and women as we want”..gringo/zionist exceptionalism at its terroristic best/worst..oh, and the little matter of a new (more like never ending) several hundred million dollar arms sales to tel aviv from sleepy joe’s pentagon/ the idf running out of bullets and cluster bombs?..for those that are reading this you may have noticed a recurring theme in my most recent series of posts..not just the same title..the palestinian struggle has historical/spiritual connections to every oppressed/colonized/dispossessed peoples’ struggle anywhere on mother earth, from turtle island to borinquen to ireland to throughout the global south, the dispossessed have been fighting and fighting and fighting to be free from the yoke of planetary gangster capitalism..una lucha perpetua que no se va parar, victoria o muerte.. the planetary capitalists, in their blood soaked, greedy hubris don’t (care) to realize that their 500+ year run is unsustainable..that their karmic debt is beyond measure..that, since they will never cash in their chips and call it a will be done for them and it ain’t gonna be can bet on it! a p.s.-politicians are a parte muy grande of the pmc..just wanted to make sure you got it..the obvious can go unrecognized..that’s a reason why we’re in this 500+ year shit storm in the first place..hasta la proxima..y la lucha continua..🪘🪘🪘✊🏽❤️😷🙏🏽

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