capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt9..

remember my previous posts regarding the pmc and its utility for the lords of planetary capital in maintaining their gangster hands around our collective necks..the anti racism industrial complex known as de&i..some more bullshit distraction that doesn’t allow us to keep our eyes and ultimately seize the prize..a world of freedom, liberation, justice, peace..a world where all humans and non humans are unconditionally loved, cared for, nourished, and jailhouses(except for those hijos/as de putas/os lords of planetary capital) sick ass, trigger happy cops (and their mothers)..everyone caring for, working with and living with everyone and everything else..a former colleague of mine who’s a big shot member of the pmc branded his org with the term, “commUNITY”…cute, clever yet more warmed over fact all of my former pmc colleagues (yes, i was a card carrying member for a minute..then i woke up one day and found myself drowning in an endless sea of pmc/npic, Yemaya no estaba presente en ese mar de pura contrario, me dijo “oye pendejito salte ya, carajo!”.. the Orisa can be rather earthy and salty at times..they have to be when dealing with the blind, deaf, and really dumb components of the human many millions of us have our heads up our asses (ex. pmc).. the Orisa have a lot of work to do, a lot of heads to extricate..yet in the midst of the muck, mire y pura mierda propagated by the bidens, cuomos, nancy ps, schumers, mcconnells, obamas, clintons, bezos, dimons, rev. als, ese house negro/cabron meeks, my former colleagues and the entire pmc..there exists a path forward and out of this sea of planetary excrement called capitalism..REVOLUTION is the path and it starts within the hearts and minds of each and everyone of us..the Orisa are watching us, smoking their cigars, drinking and laughing uncontrollably, saying “mira pa’alla! que bunche de sanganos..hay bendito que lio..y mi trago donde esta?”Revolucion es la Solucion y..Nuestra way around it..Madre Tierra o Muerte..y la lucha continua en colombia, cuba, brazil, borinquen…en cada esquina donde se escucha el grito silencioso pero potente…LIBERTAD..y la lucha continua 🪘🪘🪘🌼❤️🙏🏽👊🏽✌🏽

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt9..

  1. I can hear in my head the Temptations singing “Ball of Confusion”. 50 years ago and people are still sleep walking. Our Ancestors are sending all kinds of messages, some awaken but the majority continue to be “zombies”. We gave alot of work to do.


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