capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt10..

..and on a more local bochinche tip..cuomo el mayordomo has re-arisen, like a gumba frankenstein, with the same arrogance, sense of entitlement, bravado and all around douchebag/wanker attitude..when asked about the over 5 mil he was paid for that piece of literary bullshit he concocted regarding his mis-leadership during the covid pandemic’s height in nys..“american leadership blah blah blah”, he retorted, “that’s stupid, next question”..this fucking wanker is directly responsible for the deaths of nursing home residents, lied about them, has numerous sexual harassment allegations, lied about them, used members of his staff to concoct this piece of literary bullshit, on the public dime, had his talking head bro, chris (another bullshit it nature or nurture?) advise him on how to manage said allegations, from a corporate media perspective..stated to the effect, “what’s the big deal about the money, i gave a big chunk to charity and the rest to my daughters “..really?..and that makes your incompetent, abominable, grotesquely unethical behavior alll goood…mira cabron, vete pa’l carajo and let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!..y tu cabron hermano tambien! all those bipoc mis-leaders that stood next to him at press conferences, events, etc…que se vayan tambien!!.just another example of gangster capitalism..enuf on the cuomo pendejos..was reading last nite how pandemic profiteering has created 9 new billionaires via the development and use of covid vaccines…vaccines created with your tax dollars..welfare checks for big pharma while the global south is being denied access to the intellectual property behind vaccine development by the very same big pharma gangsters….el capitalismo es el viruz…y nuestra gente siguen muriendose sin fin..tio Sam, gracias por tu cabronidad y que descansa en pedazos!! y la lucha continua ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🪘🪘🪘🪘🪘

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