capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt11..

happy pandemic friday..just opened a twitter account..don’t have a fucking clue about any of this social media know it’s made more than a few crackers gazillionaires (just another cracker controlled industry, what else is new)..500+ years (and counting) of global white supremacy.. the european/euroamerican are natural born gangsters, spawning planetary gangsterism called capitalism (a little something i’ve been alluding to in the ten prior posts..please review at your leisure)..what, pray tell, are the lords of planetary capital doing this evening?..making more billions while joseito sleeps on a morningside park bench, beside him a shopping cart full of recyclable cans he methodically, meticulously picked out of residential and commercial the migrant farmer workers, predominantly latinx, moving from state to state in order to pick the in season produce for the rest of us to nourish ourselves before and after our zoom meetings..having to contend with shitty wages, working conditions, housing, bosses and covid.. the agricultural industrial complex..what a concept which happens to be grotesquely too real..capitalism all up inside us..from seed to toilet bowl floating turd being endless cyclical nightmare for these workers (and toilets)..dehumanized to the point of joseito sleeping on that morningside park bench..well, one could argue that joseito is doing ok considering that he could be locked in a cage on the mexico/gringolandia border, with countless others..given an aluminum paper blankie and covid pillow, a matching set, courtesy of gringolandia..the lesser/greater of two abominations not to choose from..joseito and these workers are looking back at me while brushing my teeth in front of the bathroom mirror..give us your tired, hungry, and poor..what bullshit..enjoy your strawberries y’all..try not to choke on them..y la lucha continua..madre tierra o muerte…desde harlem..peace🪘🙏🏽👨🏼‍🌾😷

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