capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt12..

feliz sabado familia👩🏽‍🌾.. the month of may is mental health awareness month(yet for so many of us, our families, friends, communities, etc, every moment of every day is mental health awareness month)..amongst the countless toxic impacts of planetary capitalism is its direct relationship to mental illness..from joblessness to dead end/poverty wage jobs to oppressive/slave like workplaces, capitalism has wreaked havoc on the human psyche..the diseased mindset of acquisitive greed and rampant materialism(as mlk eloquently elucidated)which is the essence of capitalism, has fostered the creation of millions of mentally ill humans globally..the endless trauma of 500+ years (and counting) of white supremacy continues to wreak physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual havoc upon bipoc communities everywhere..I’m speaking from personal experience..I’m a chronic depressive in depression stems from a combination of intergenrational family histories (maternal and paternal)of mental illness and having to eat white supremacist bullshit in my professional life..not a recipe for mental wellbeing..from the micro to the macro..planetary capitalism is responsible for the grotesque rates of suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol/substance abuse, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, etc, doesn’t need any kind of bullshit letters before or after your name to know this..if you just open your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and spirit our toxic mental universe is readily evident (to put it mildly)..what makes it worse is the celebrity psychos with their cure-all/snake oil mental wellness programs, webinars, zoom retreats, self-help books, podcasts, etc..pura mierda!!, if you’re suffering from mental health challenges please remember you’re not alone (but in fabulous company) a compassionate mental wellness provider and together create a roadmap to recovery and embark on your journey..and while you’re on your travels towards mental wellbeing you might cross paths with a wacky boricua in his sauconys running around morningside park at 6am daily tryin to get (sorta) right..oh, and mindfulness meditation, yoga, chi gong, journaling, and a plant based diet just might help..just sayin’….peace and blessings…

may you be happy

may you be healthy

may you be safe

may you be free from suffering

may you be free from sadness

may you be free from fear

may you be free from anxiety

may you live joyfully

may you live with ease…🙏🏽

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