capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt16..

thich nhat hanh, a simple buddhist monk with a revolutionary spirit that proclaims “my friends, the Buddha of mindfulness shines near and shines far..” the united states of america is the epicenter of planetary gangsterism. the president, vice president, every member of the house of representatives and the senate are planetary gangsters..from Covid-19 apartheid to the blockades/sanctions against cuba, venezuela, iran, et al, to the recent slaughter of entire palestinian families, to being the world’s largest arms merchant (as such, directly culpable in wanton, senseless killing, domestically and globally).. the house, the senate, the white house are all mass murderers and purveyors of horrifyingly grotesque levels of loss, suffering and despair throughout the planet..why do we allow ourselves to be governed by a bunch of perdedores con pistolas? Why have we allowed the past 500+years of incessant euro/gringo criminality go unpunished? Their capitalist gangsterism is responsible for the unbearable planetary aura of disease, destruction, despair, desperation, disintegration, destitution, depression, domination, disorientation..combined with the stench of Death..I ask again, why does Humanity continue to allow itself to live in such degenerate degradation? Why? Especially when this degenerate degradation is caused by a tiny cabal of social, economic and political elites! WTF! Haven’t we learned anything these past 500+ years? Are we just inherently stupid, gluttons for punishment, masochistic?… the Buddha of mindfulness shines near and shines far..please consider and contemplate what you have just read..Anima Mundi o Muerte🙏🏽🪘❤️👩🏽‍🌾😷


One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt16..

  1. It is shame on us for not stepping up to the plate. People are so self centered n surviving from day to day and there are many who manage to own a home, a car, some money in the bank and they believe if they were able to accomplish living in comfort, so can everybody else. So the belief is most people do not want to work hard and sacrifice to get ahead, they want success to come to them for free. Another factor to consider is people have forgotten how to work together as a community to better the quality of life for everyone. Another factor is one of not believing everyday people can be leaders. Humanity has been conditioned to believe they lack the sophistication to goverrn themselves. Instead they assign that “task” to a small group of people; the senate, the house of representatives, the president and vice-president. And then they wash their hands, stick their heads in the sand and settle for the words and the crumbs sent their way. It is painful to admit we have permitted this system to run amok and hijack our minds. Younger humans, not quite set in their ways or have much to lose can become quite vocal and active, but there is no vehicle to organize them into non stoppable warriors of change. Those who have the skills are too afraid to lose their “little bit”. Anyways, that’s my take on the subject.


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