capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt17

“we are what we think..with our thoughts we make the world.” -The, the big news hidden in plain sight, the world’s billionaire class (populated by muchos gringos) don’t pay taxes!!! I still remember Bloomberg’s response during a presidential candidate debate, regarding the amassing of soo much fucking wealth by one fucking person..”I earned it!”hahahahahahahahaha..hahahahahahahaha!!!..what a fucking petulant plutocrat asshole!! Mira pa’ alla!..hahahahahahahaha..que pendejo/a/x!!..and this cabron, like all of his fellow billionaire class cabrones are lionized by the corporate media and society in general (now please understand, I’m not part of that society…would rather be on a deserted island with some killer cuchfritos from east 116th street as my sole source of nourishment, sooolitoo!!) fucked up is that, when sooo many millions upon millions upon millions upon millions of people want to be like these cabrones!! No jodas carajo!..”we are what we think..with our thoughts we make the world”..and then we complain about how unfair, unjust and generally fucked up the world is..bueno familia si quieres un mundo mas justo con menos desigualdad, empieza examinando tus pensamientos y comportamientos, para ver si contribuye en el desastre, planetary capitalist gangsterism..hey, the so called progressive class of politicos, etc are some lame-ass bourgeois pendejos/as/x themselves (just hear them speak and read their quotes..enuf said!!) sooo, mi gente, we are on our own to form the cooperatives, collaboratives and communities of resistance against this euro/gringo way of Death..anima Mundi o Muerte..❤️🙏🏽🪘👩🏽‍🌾✊🏽🌼

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt17

  1. Yes it is all about mindset. It is all about people harbouring the belief and wish to become a billionaire. They do not want to change the status quo fearing a more humane egalitarian political system would not allow for a billionaires class.


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