capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt18

buenas noches familia, otro sabado social/de pandemia..some more melodramatic telenovela action out of your nation’s capital and beyond..the g7 huddling up in England..see their photo-ops, the whitest cabal of planetary capitalist gangsters (yes, the Japanese are Asia’s crackers)..the g7 is responsible for the ongoing economic underdevelopment/rape of the global south, its people and abundantly rich natural resources..haven’t these past 500+ years (and counting) taught us anything other than the planetary gangsterism of capitalism and who the gangsters were, are and continue to be??..with this reality, the Haitian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the Chilean Revolution, the Vietnamese victory over the french/gringo tag team fiasco, the Chavista/Bolivarian Revolution, et al, have shown us that these gangsters can be defeated, that these planetary capitalist gangsters, with all their guns, bombs and assorted accessories of Suffering and Death are powerless against the organized, unrelenting, implacable, unassailable, indomitable will of freedom and justice loving people!!! In the end, these gangsters are merely flesh and blood just like us, and therefore can be destroyed!!! “we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the world.”, as you can see, ultimately it is up to YOU, ME, ALL of US to say Basta YA, CRIMINALES contra LA HUMANIDAD y la MADRE TIERRA!!…ANIMA MUNDI o MUERTE, VENCEREMOS!!! SI SE PUEDE CARAJO!!!!!..HASTA LA VICTORIA…🙏🏽❤️🌼🪘✊🏽

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