capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt20

feliz martes familia..the teachings of the Buddha are called The Lion’s Roar..teachings of unshakeable freedom and fearlessness..the application of these teachings in daily life gives one the opportunity to actually taste that freedom and fearlessness (I speak from the perspective of one who has been slowly acquiring that sweet, sublime taste!’s taken 62 years, many of pain, suffering and struggle..I love it!!) the times of the historical Buddha were corrupt, debased, ultra materialistic, segregated by class/caste, the untouchables slept in the streets amid the squalor, open sewage and waste, ignored and rendered invisible..the brahmins, the wealthy class were far removed from the unimaginable poverty, pain and suffering of the untouchables and the rest of society..a carbon (or more accurately, digitized) copy of 21th century life!! and yet this pathway to unshakeable freedom and fearlessness is open to us ALL..the Lion’s Roar..powerful, powerful, powerful medicine for mind, body, spirit..a potential vaccine against the plague of planetary capitalist gangsterism…similar to Liberation Theology, the activist christian priests and nuns who applied the teachings of the gospel of Jesus in their work with the poorest/oppressed communities of America Latina. Their ethos is that the poorest not only should be cared for but allowed to experience the fullness of human flourishing..the highest heresy to the Lords of Capital..they were in gear during the 1960s and beyond..this bold, humanistic clerical movement based upon love, compassion and empowerment was then systematically crushed by the Vatican, with tactical support from the CIA..these clergy people were systematically tortured, raped and murdered..pure, unmitigated barbarism, emanating from spaces of unspeakable inhumanity, the White House, the Pentagon, Congress, etc- the masters of full spectrum mass murder..their murders, among the endless barbarism of planetary capitalist gangsterism haven’t stopped those of us who are fearless seekers of equity and justice in the world….the Lion’s Roar and Liberation Theology…honorable, time tested ways of life that give us ALL the opportunity to experience that sweet, sublime taste of freedom and liberation..much to the horror of the planetary capitalist gangsters…O Luta Continua..Anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos!!🙏🏽🪘❤️

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