capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt 20

Feliz lunes de pandemia …since my last post on Tuesday I’ve felt dark, formless clouds hovering around the world..esto vas hacer un arroz con culo papa. Before we go there tho, went to this wonderful exhibit at the Met called Arte del Mar- Art of the Early Caribbean..que belleza! To be surrounded by breathtaking artistry created by the Taino peoples, amongst other Caribbean based indigenous communities, ALL being MY ANCESTORS! To quote the exhibit’s guide, written by James A. Doyle, “Synonymous with tropical paradise, the Caribbean connected a range of diverse societies for thousands of years before Europeans infamously arrived in the late fifteenth century..The story of the indigenous Caribbean peoples is a shared artistic narrative of ritual knowledge, ceremony, and political power. Just like the raptors prominent in their mythology, these peoples migrated throughout the region, trading materials and ideas from island to coastline and back again across a rich network of maritime exchange…scholarship in this area has focused on the sculptural traditions of the societies known collectively as Tainos, who inhabited the Greater Antilles. Expanding on this knowledge, new archaeological, ethnohistorical, and art historical research has deepened our understanding of the rise of Taino civilizations as well as their long-standing connections with peoples along the coast, from Venezuela to Mexico..We now know, for example, that before Europeans arrived, Caribbean societies formed a vast, interconnected, multilingual network characterized by complex relationships among neighbors and distant contacts alike. Alongside their better-known Taino peers, societies such as the Tairona from Colombia, the diverse kingdoms in Veraguas, Panama, and the communities in the Ulua Valley, Honduras have begun to come into clearer focus.” Mr. Doyle goes on about the devastating consequences for these peoples when contact was made with the ambassador for planetary capitalist gangsterism, Christopher Columbus and his cabal of merciless murderers, thieves and socio/psychopaths, the literal scum of the earth. These European gangsters carved an unimaginable, stomach turning swath of mayhem, chaos, genocide, rape, torture and barbarism through this peaceful network of indigenous communities, in the name of and with the blessing of the Vatican (why the fuck do we continue to associate ourselves with the den of mass murderers known as the Catholic Church, han sido hijos/as de sus putisimas madres que les pario!!)..we are over 500 years (and counting) still suffering the sickening consequences of this crime against humanity known as European colonialism and its bastard offspring, the United States of America and its white supremacist, settler colonial regimen of mass murder, mayhem, and barbarism that sickenly exists on a planetary scale, unabated…anima Mundi or muerte, Venceremos..🪘🙏🏽✊🏽❤️🌼😷

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt 20

  1. Asi era. Our Indigenous Ancestors lived under an advanced social economical and political system. Mother Earth Flourished. She blessed the inhabitants of Turtle Island with her Pristine Beauty and plentiful bounty. The Europeans were struck by the beauty of Turtle Island but they were governed by a system based on greed. Capitalism in its earliest forms attacked and eroded our Indigenous System of Things. Capitalism continued to evolve over the past 528 years becoming more brutal and oppressive. Our Ancestors are calling us to restore our Indigenous System in order to save Mother Earth and ourselves. Capitalism is in its death throes. People around the world are waking up, our Caribbean Relatives are waking up. Are you waking up? Or will you be left behind ?


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