capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt21(morningside park edition)

Happy Tuesday to one and all, I recently returned from my daily 6am/5 mile run through the principal trail of morningside park, feel good, a very meditative experience while listening to los munequitos de matanzas, que chevere! A disturbing and chronic concern regarding the park is the number of homeless folks sleeping there. In natural fact, it is 100% unacceptable that this city, this country has such craven disregard for the safety and well-being of ALL Humans! Yet, this goes to the heart of planetary capitalist gangsterism. We are not viewed as human beings but as consumers of materialistic bullshit and throughly dehumanized in the process. This dehumanization process is a procedural necessity for the capitalist gangster class (that inhabit Wall Street, aka the Lords of Capital) in order to maximize the results of their ceaseless thuggery. Why doesn’t cuomo el mayordomo and his bro, Chrissy Chris personally come to the park and converse with these brothers (hey Chrissy Chris, bring pen, paper, your laptop and a camera crew…do some actual journalism for a change..remember how that felt before you became prime time Chrissy? and your bro, cuomo el mayordomo, how come your people along with Billie d (no, not our brother Williams) can’t get together and figure out a legitimate, sustainable path for our homeless brothers and sisters, two spirits, et al out of homelessness and into safe, clean permanent housing. In fact, why don’t you (and the future mayor) figure out a path toward universal housing and healthcare for ALL of NEW YORK CiTy and STATE!! You would certainly earning your pay instead of wasting your time writing useless literature like your American Leadership missive..99% bullshit, the other 1%, your name on cover, legit..seems to match the 1% you constantly yammer about rubbing shoulders with in the hamptons, fire island, or wherever the local capitalist gangsters you hang out with shoot the shit. I was reading somewhere that the number of humans that have been displaced from their homes, their godforsaken countries, due to war, famine, disease, climate derangement, corrupt governments, overthrown governments, etc, has dangerously increased to never before seen numbers, creating a host of horrific consequences for them and for Mother Earth. Did those neocolonial assholes, the g7 come up with any plan or pathway to humanely solve this sickening dilemma? Like Hommy said, “I don’t think so…ahora, all you local and national politicos, don’t you see homelessness as a pernicious form of internal/domestic displacement? Can you please stop bullshitting about how complex and difficult it is to remedy and put in the necessary resources for a local/national push for universal, safe housing for ALL! Make yourselves useful for Christ’s sake, and serve the people..ALL THE PEOPLE not just the donor class that bankroll your incessant, boring ass, amateurish campaigning…have a great Tuesday for the three persons that may read this!….anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 🪘🙏🏽❤️🌼

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt21(morningside park edition)

  1. Yes it is disgusting how the bullshit excuses serve to confuse the everyday Juan and Juana. We know the resources exist to end homelessness. We also know affordable housing in its present form is also bullshit. Only people with excellent credit making at least 3x the monthly rent. They really want the higher earning tenant.
    Housing is a right not a privilege. So many children in shelters. Always on guard, on alert, so much energy spent on staying safe, of course their school work suffers. And if there isn’t enough food to eat, that’s another strike. I like the idea of Universal Housing and they don’t need to look like projects. That experiment of the 50s and 60s a dismal failure. They can create villages of larger tiny houses with social services built in to the community. We know mental illness is real and amplified by capitalism. It also needs to be addressed humanely.


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