capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt23

hola mi gente! Viernes social/de pandemia..I’ve been going through a job hunting process, have had several interviews and I can categorically state that the nonprofit industrial complex has become a toxic waste site. From LinkedIn to all the nfp membership organizations, the npic is populated by neoliberal/neocolonial bipocs and closet white supremacists! Que combinacion de hijos/as de pu….had a so-called interview this morning with a weak ass example of bipoc malehood. To make a short story shorter, this pendejo was ignorant, ill informed, condescending and arrogant..and those were his good qualities!! Que PENDEJO!!! To translate a wise Latinx maxim,” You’re missing what I have in abundance!” This nonevent encapsulates what is so disturbing about the npic, there exists a class of bipoc bourgeoisie that have been given the opportunity by their white masters/handlers to become the next generation of misleadership. Now, please understand that the current crop of bipoc npic misleaders continues to meander its way, collecting six figure compensation packages while their frontline staff is struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads (if they even have a roof), and the communities they purport to serve remain oppressed, repressed, and depressed. And let’s not even talk about their white colleagues…white supremacy encased in a paternalistic, neoliberal veneer..saltine crackers who watch “the wire” to learn about the ‘hood..I mean, really you neoliberal crackers..estan de pinga, carajo!..and your bipoc breathren as well..this is how the planetary capitalist gangsters maintain their death grip on the world..they foster generation after generation after generation of bipoc misleaders to be gatekeepers in their respective communities, systematically thwarting any level of resistance/revolution/dissent and maintaining the status quo..bipoc technocrats from hell!!! I realize that no one will hire me because the people that I have encountered during this process are everything I’ve written about above…and even worse! And because of this…que se vayan toditos p’al carajo en chancletas!! Let us, the people begin to take back our communities from the npic and its papa/mama, planetary capitalist gangsterism. Remember the Black Panthers ( nooo, not that stupid, pandering movie)..the real BPs..they created an entire human service infrastructure from nothing…free nutrition, education, healthcare, etc..all community based and not beholden to any private or public funding source (our tax dollars are subsidizing the extravagant compensation packages of the npic misleaders/losers)..the human service infrastructure the BPs developed was wholly supported by the communities they were serving..with no six figure CEO pendejo/a/x in sight!!! The npic appropriated the BPs’ human service infrastructure concept and twisted it conform to planetary gangster capitalist principles (oh but wait, these cabrones/as/x have no principles, scruples, etc.)..all they do is talk a good game, drenched in total see, mi gente, they are what they because they’re slaves to their funding sources, public and private…slaves to the political class..while they enslave their workers and the communities they purportedly serve..and one last thing, when a pendejo condescendingly tells you that you should have studied his website to prepare for an interview with him please tell him to go fuck himself and his pinche website! The only intelligent thing he said was “ohh, I can see this won’t be a good fit.”…no shit Sherlock!!! like the saying goes “a ti te faltas lo que a mi me sobra…sabor!!! Cuidense mi gente..anima Mundi o muerte, Venceremos!🙏🏽🪘✊🏽✌🏽❤️🌼⚽️

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