capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26

Bueno mi gente, esta haciendo un calor de madre aqui en Harlem..que chevere!!..i just glanced at some of the “progressive “ weekly briefings, articles, etc. global “events”..mira pa’alla, the Haitian President’s murder was an “event” of that particular day!..anyway, I have to call a spade a spade..the Intercept and Counterpunch are a complete waste of time, they’re as progressive as Chucky Schumer!.de verdad! Today’s Counterpunch had an article entitled “What Makes Nations Evil”..really?.the epitome of irrelevance! And the Intercept, well let me say that their articles belong in Counterpunch!.or vice versa..y’all know what the fuck I’m trying to say!.let us proceed to V Prashad’s Tricontinental’s “dossier” on the overall militarization of Mother Africa, led by these pinche gringos (remember, the only two things gringos are good for are breaking things and hurting people!) the “dossier” was a snoozer of a read, a collection of words making a conclusion which could have been done in a paragraph!.pero, tu sabes que el Tri loves to jump into the weeds with banal details and photos, asinine drivel!.unless you’re an arms merchant looking to sell weaponry to countries in Mother they can break things and hurt people!! Catch my drift..lame, lame, lame, the whole lot of you! Is it because they have a bunch of bourgeois pseudo intellectual types writing this bullshit? They must need to write this drivel to continue getting paid.. If they’re getting paid by the turd they must be muy ricos!! Mi gente, I’m just tired of being surrounded by an endless sea of bullshit, which is what the planetary capitalist gangsters want to see growing even more as they continue their murderous plunder of Mother Earth and the neocolonial subjugation of the Global South..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the world..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the’s past time that we begin to think differently to make a just, equitable, peaceful and beautiful’s up to you, me, and EVERYONE!! Anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos…🪘🙏🏽✊🏽✌🏽❤️

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