capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27

Feliz Sabado de variante delta..I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of reading “Revolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination” by Huey P Newton and Vladimir I Lenin, a collection of his discussions and statements in the spring of 1971..what a joy!..reading the words of a revolutionary icon like brother Newton has been such a refreshing departure from the current bullshit and drivel being written (please read pt26.) Having read halfway through this classic, I’m struck by his pinpoint, razor sharp lucidity regarding the planetary capitalist their sole purpose is to amass ever increasing wealth and power and in this quest these “madmen” as he calls them, will kill us all! EXACTLY!!! my sentiments and musings elucidated by brother Newton. Responding to a question regarding the impending ecological crisis, he makes a cogent point never spoken by the so-called environmental movement of today. “But when we talk about the capitalists’ exploitation of nature— the kind of thing discussed now called the Ecology movement— we often forget that people themselves are a part of the natural world. The mass murder of Blacks in Africa during the slave trade, all the depredations the Europeans committed in South America and the Caribbean, the genocide committed by Nazi Europe against the Jews, the Slavs, the gypsies, and, of course, against all people of colour, are probably the greatest examples of the exploitation of nature by the capitalists. You know the greatest ecological crime being committed right now? The bombing of Vietnam. And we think that until the ecology movement starts recognizing these facts, it will remain largely irrelevant to the majority of people in the world.”(p.67)…mo’ dupe Huey P Newton..anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 😷🪘❤️✌🏽✊🏽👊🏽🌼

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