Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28

Buen Lunes de pandemia mi gente..I’ve been scanning the headlines regarding the happenings in mi otra patria, Cuba, there’s even one from the National fucking Geographic! No me jodas, carajo! Let’s be perfectly clear here, the fucking pinche gringo government of this terrorist state, the USA have had a ceaselessly brutal, inhuman, terroristic stranglehold, a complete blockade against Cuba for 60+ years and counting. These pinche gringos, and their gusano cheerleaders in Miami are gleefully salivating over the prospect of the end of the Cuban Revolution. Let me be perfectly clear again, all revolutions for freedom, justice, and dignity go through pangs of distress, particularly when your archenemy is 90 miles away and happens to have had their foot on your neck for all these fucking years! And this archenemy happens to be the biggest/baddest white supremacist, gangster capitalist, militaristic imperialist state the world has ever known! You fucking gringos don’t even know your own fucking government of mass murderers, rapists, and criminals, que idiotas son! So before any of you Cuban Revolution haters eat that plate of picadillo (which I hope gives you a bad case of the runs!) contemplate the words of El Commandante, Fidel Castro, champion of the world’s poor and oppressed…”los hombres pasan, las ideas quedan”…anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 🪘❤️✊🏽🙏🏽

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