Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29

As I watch the Pandemic Olympics (needed to see one of my favorite players…Marta. She has always been an absolute joy to watch, more entertaining than Neymar), thoughts of a critical nature have crept into my mind regarding my profession of over 30 years…social work. Yes, I have a 30+ year career as a social worker, serving NYC’s most marginalized and oppressed communities of color. From persons trying to cope with addictions, to homeless adults and families, to persons experiencing mental health challenges , to persons living with (and dying from) HIV, to seniors of color living in chronic poverty, to families involved with the criminal justice and child welfare systems, I’ve been on the shore of a seemingly endless ocean of trauma, pain, and suffering. Throughout the years I realized that the unconditional acceptance of ALL who came to me for help was the beginning of the beginning of an opportunity to cultivate a potentially helping relationship with ALL who approached or were obligated (due to being mandated) to see me. I also gradually began to make the direct connection between THEIR pain and suffering and the planetary capitalist socioeconomic system that we are all being dominated by. Yes, mi gente, inter generational poverty, inequality, dehumanization and oppression can make you very sick and eventually kill you! Another realization was how the social work profession is a major feature of this oppression, stifling meaningful dissent among the oppressed, engaging in practices to maintain the status quo, and fostering the manufacturing of consent. Please understand, these are the aims of the ENTIRE social work profession (peruse LinkedIn and you will see in virtual color what I’m speaking of…if you mindfully pay attention.) Social work is the predominant foundation of the nonprofit human services industrial complex. Specifically, nonprofit human services CEOs can make millions in salary while their frontline staff, predominantly women of color need to work two jobs just for them and their families to get by and stay out of the homeless shelter. This is the state of social work— the lame, reformist thinking of social workers, and their role as gatekeepers for the plutocrats, keeping the “wretched of the earth” in perpetual wretchedness…but there is a another way that can lead to healing and eventual liberation….and doesn’t cost a dime…hasta la proxima….anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos!🙏🏽🪘❤️🌼

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