Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/31

Hola y feliz sabado de pandemia. The heat and humidity have returned and so have I. As humanity continues its barbarism towards Mother Earth and her inhabitants (our ignorance is so ingrained that we can’t even spare ourselves…mira pa’ alla! Que cosa!) The planetary capitalist gangsters known as the 1% and their lackeys, the political/administrative/technocratic elites, continue insulting our intelligence while stealing the proverbial cookies and cookie jar from the rest of us. The insults are nonstop, through their media/misinformation apparatus to their miseducation system, from Head Start to post graduate and beyond, we have been deceived, distracted, diminished, distressed, dispossessed, and eventually we will be disposed of. Mi gente, it’s called ideological capture or more simply put, slavery. Yes, as one of my mentors framed it, slavery has never been abolished, the crackers just became scientists of enslavement! This is the muck and mire of our daily lives under the planetary gangsterism of capitalism…no, we won’t be voting ourselves out of it nor will we be shooting our way out (anyway, the 1% and their lackeys have all the guns!) Nor will we be praying, fasting, drugging or drinking our way out (tho the drinking/drugging will put you on the fast track toward disposability!) Some progressive types have expressed the notion of the reemergence of a “multi polar political world” being a counterweight to these gangsters. Unfortunately this notion is obsolete, the nonaligned movement is in the dustbin of history and these so called multi polar political actors (exs. China, et al) are planetary capitalist gangsters themselves! The muck and mire, we’re stuck in, mi there a way out of this morass? Let’s find out!..Anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos!🪘🙏🏽😷❤️

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