Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/32

hola mi Gente y feliz sabado de pandemic otra vez! the heat and humidity continues in Harlem and the rats scurry around Morningside park, doing their early morning fitness routines..they keep me company during my early morning runs in the park (slightly different from running with the bulls in Pamplona.) so, the global 1%, also known as the planetary capitalist gangsters, continue marching us all down the twisted path to potential I mentioned in my prior post, is there some way to free ourselves and Mother Earth from the death grip of these gangsters? there have been revolutionary moments in humanity’s history which allowed us glimpses of freedom/liberation. one of those moments occurred 2600 years ago, in India, a person of color, through sustained, committed meditation and contemplation, awakened and freed his mind. this revolutionary act of liberation was experienced by this person who has become to be known as “the awakened one, the great physician, the enlightened one”, amongst other handles…Shakyamuni Buddha. He freed himself from the shackles of our world of daily existence and reaquainted himself with the basic sanity, healthiness, and wakefulness that we are all born with..a truly revolutionary act! One of his principal messages was/is..”if I could do it, anyone can.” And thus began the practice of Buddhism (please note, I emphasize PRACTICE..contrary to its history, Buddhism was never meant to be a religion, but humanity seems to get shit twisted..alot!) through his experienced awakening, the Buddha laid the foundation for a psychological practice of self-liberation and freedom, a state of being that goes contrary to the aspirations of the global 1% of endless human enslavement. What I have begun to share with you emanates from being a student of Buddhism for over 40 years. What I have learned is to not get caught up in the sectarian codification and commodification of Buddhism by all the so-called scholars, gurus, lamas, etc. because they obfuscate the essence of the Buddha’s revolutionary practice of self liberation and freedom..and with sustained, sincere commitment this freedom is accessible to ALL of US! anima Mundi..Venceremos🙏🏽❤️🌄

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