Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/33

Feliz Domingo de pandemic😷 we get more horrific accounts of the aftermath of Haiti’s recent earthquake, the collective mind numbing, incalculable traumatic suffering of the Haitian people is beyond the limits of our current linguistic capacities..there really are no words whatsoever to describe their suffering, which has been perpetual, with a dramatic pause..they had the audacity in 1791 to 1793 to become the only successful slave rebellion in human history and the first democratic republic in this half of Mother Earth, defeating their European slave masters/genocidalists (the precursors to the current planetary capitalist gangsters.) And for their audacity to succeed in the fulfillment of their natural born right for freedom and liberation, they have been ceaselessly punished by these gangsters. From the assassinations of presidents to earthquakes to the gangsterism of the UN, other NGOs (ex. the Red Cross), the Clintons, Wycleaf Jean, the governments of France, Canada and Gringolandia, and other parasitic/criminal elements, Haiti has undergone perpetual political and economic rape, an endless, immeasurable abomination. Haiti has been one of the countless workshops of planetary capitalist gangsterism. Yet, the Haitian people persist in their struggle to exist and be free..Long Live the Haitian Revolution! Long Live the Haitian People!
anima Mundi..Venceremos!🪘🙏🏽❤️

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