Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/34

may we be free from suffering

may we be free from oppression

may we be free from militarism

may we be free from materialism/greed/capitalism

may we be free…

-Applied Buddhist mantra #1

humanity has been riding a self-created death spiral for close to 600 years. The planetary capitalist gangsters from Europe and Gringolandia have held humanity captive during this time while desecrating Mother Earth, all to feed their ceaseless capitalist greed. From Covid to neoimperialism to ideological capture, these gangsters continue to profit off our collective misery, our technocratic of the Buddhist seals of existence is impermanence..everything changes..600 years become 6 seconds in the life of the universe. Humanity has been given a pathway to freedom, to liberation..a pathway based upon generosity, loving kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy. We have an opportunity to be free —- right here, right now. Everything changes..transformation is a foundational principle of existence. It is up to you and me to create the conditions for a loving, compassionate and joyous world which is the antithesis of the current capitalist planetary gangsterism..we are what we think..with our thoughts we create our world..the Buddha is a revolutionary..

Malcolm X is Buddha

Martin Luther King is Buddha

Don Pedro Alibizu Campos is Buddha

Berta Cáceres is Buddha

Fidel Castro is Buddha

Che Guevara is Buddha..

may we be Buddha

may we be revolutionary

may we be free…


One thought on “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/34

  1. People just don’t understand how powerful ideas, thoughts and beliefs are. If humanity were to achieve being driven by compassion, kindness, generosity, love, open mind and acceptance, this present system of modern day slavery wouldn’t stand a chance. Transformation is not easy but not impossible. We change or we will cease to exist.


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