Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/35

may we be free from suffering

may we be free from oppression

may we be free from racism

may we be free from militarism

may we be free from capitalism

may we be free

I know a Senegalese brother who lives in Harlem and is an accomplished artist. Our home is filled with his paintings. Along with his prodigious creativity he is a kind, sweet soul. When we chat he has shared some of his experiences being an African in gringolandia. Needless to say they haven’t been positive, life affirming ones. His experiences are representative of the monumental struggle we, as conscious/awake BIPOC are ceaselessly entwined in when having to negotiate our dehumanizing, despiritualized, degraded, denigrating, depressing, death based socioeconomic system. What makes this system so much more cruel and degenerate is the reality of how we are our own worst enemy. The European and Euroamerican elites, with hundreds of years of practice in the science of oppression and dehumanization, have an army of BIPOC technocrats/bourgeois/colonized folks, adept in that twisted science. So, mi gente, we see the enemy and it is us! Mira pa’ alla! The core Buddhist teachings are called the Four Noble Truths. The first is that life is suffering (we’re born, we age, we get sick, we die..and for so many of us those are the bearable moments. The trauma of poverty, oppression, violence, injustice..systemic, structural..sponsored by those pinche elites and their political surrogates..add this to the First Truth.) The second truth is that our suffering stems from our craving, our GREED. Well, we have a socioeconomic system that is based upon and continues because of our GREED, a system that spawns a Bezos, a Gates, a Soros, an Obama, a Bloomberg, et al, ad nauseum. I’ll further this musing in the near future..see if you can connect the dots. A shoutout to my Senegalese brother for being human in an inhumane world…🙏🏽🌼🪘❤️

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