capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt17

“we are what we think..with our thoughts we make the world.” -The, the big news hidden in plain sight, the world’s billionaire class (populated by muchos gringos) don’t pay taxes!!! I still remember Bloomberg’s response during a presidential candidate debate, regarding the amassing of soo much fucking wealth by one fucking person..”I earned it!”hahahahahahahahaha..hahahahahahahaha!!!..whatContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt17”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt16..

thich nhat hanh, a simple buddhist monk with a revolutionary spirit that proclaims “my friends, the Buddha of mindfulness shines near and shines far..” the united states of america is the epicenter of planetary gangsterism. the president, vice president, every member of the house of representatives and the senate are planetary gangsters..from Covid-19 apartheid toContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt16..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt15..

my Memorial Day muse..Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler was the gringo’s military machine’s most decorated soldier. He led gringo marine troops in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, overseeing imperialist incursions throughout the Global South. From Cuba to Puerto Rico to Mexico to the Dominican Republic to Haiti to Nicaragua to China and toContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt15..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt14..

reflecting further upon the buddhist precept of impermanence, the unsustainable trajectory of capitalism renders the necessity of its dismantling..can we move past marx, lenin, et al and forge a pathway of liberation that is void of euro/gringolandia bullshit..the global south and turtle island are repositories of ancestral wisdom..this wisdom can be used to create aContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt14..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt13..

as I read the writings of the iconic vietnamese buddhist priest, thich nhat hanh, i feel his words of mindfulness and compassion as healing salves..this world, Mother Earth, is indescribably wonderous and beautiful..even the dirty streets of Harlem (yes, they could use un depojo, una limpieza con mistolin)..this brown little man schooled mlk on theContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt13..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt12..

feliz sabado familia👩🏽‍🌾.. the month of may is mental health awareness month(yet for so many of us, our families, friends, communities, etc, every moment of every day is mental health awareness month)..amongst the countless toxic impacts of planetary capitalism is its direct relationship to mental illness..from joblessness to dead end/poverty wage jobs to oppressive/slave likeContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt12..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt11..

happy pandemic friday..just opened a twitter account..don’t have a fucking clue about any of this social media know it’s made more than a few crackers gazillionaires (just another cracker controlled industry, what else is new)..500+ years (and counting) of global white supremacy.. the european/euroamerican are natural born gangsters, spawning planetary gangsterism called capitalism (aContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt11..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt10..

..and on a more local bochinche tip..cuomo el mayordomo has re-arisen, like a gumba frankenstein, with the same arrogance, sense of entitlement, bravado and all around douchebag/wanker attitude..when asked about the over 5 mil he was paid for that piece of literary bullshit he concocted regarding his mis-leadership during the covid pandemic’s height in nys..“americanContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt10..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt9..

remember my previous posts regarding the pmc and its utility for the lords of planetary capital in maintaining their gangster hands around our collective necks..the anti racism industrial complex known as de&i..some more bullshit distraction that doesn’t allow us to keep our eyes and ultimately seize the prize..a world of freedom, liberation, justice, peace..a worldContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt9..”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt8..

buddhist philosophy speaks to impermanence as being one of the three seals of existence..simply put, everyone and everything is ceaselessly changing..we’re born, we live and eventually we die..we all have an expiration date(yes, even the gangster lords of capital) has been reported that in gaza, the idf have been methodically targeting entire palestinian families..apparently, theyContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt8..”