self care/community care #cuatro.. y n’golo kante, motm..

do you know what mutual aid is?.since the pandemic’s onset it was crystal clear that poor, working class, bipoc communities were being viewed as cannon fodder by local, state and federal governments..what made this more stark was that, in nyc for example, these were the very same communities keeping the city alive and moving, evenContinue reading “self care/community care #cuatro.. y n’golo kante, motm..”

self care/community care’s gonna take a revolution..

as we inhabit turtle island and go about our daily struggle to survive, the charlatans that inhabit wall street, city hall, albany and washington dc, along with the propagandist media moguls of cnn, msnbc, abc/cbs news, ny times, washington post, et al, continue their concerted effort to keep up the big lie – the americanContinue reading “self care/community care’s gonna take a revolution..”

self care/community care #dos.. o, el encanto de un malbec sabroso..

bipoc communities have traditional/ancestral/primordial wisdom that has given us refuge, strength, vitality and clarity as we continue to meander through the never ending shit storm of white supremacy and its companions- capitalism and militarism..three entities you would never willingly have over for fact, would be happy if they were homeless, sleeping in some toxicContinue reading “self care/community care #dos.. o, el encanto de un malbec sabroso..”

from self care to community care, or savoring a chocolate babka w yogurt for dessert..

as bipoc, do we recognize how the inter generational transmission of trauma is a significant source of our pain, suffering, despair and death? under a neoliberal, colonial, imperial, racist, militaristic, misogynistic, patriarchal, capitalist society is creating physical/mental/spiritual dis-ease within us and our communities..don’t bank on a pfizer or j&j vaccine against this 500 year pandemic..weContinue reading “from self care to community care, or savoring a chocolate babka w yogurt for dessert..”

pandemic pondering on a thursday eve…

on a more personal note..i’ve been dealing with generalized anxiety and depression for most of my adult life..i’ve been a social worker for 40 years, having served poor, working class bipoc communities throughout nyc..counseling addicts, alcoholics, the incarcerated, the mentally ill, homeless families and adults..i‘ve been the executive director of 2 community based, social serviceContinue reading “pandemic pondering on a thursday eve…”

the false narrative of american exceptionalism

let’s be clear..the united states of america is the greatest purveyor of violence and terrorism in the world..ask the peoples of puerto rico, cuba, haiti, dominican republic, nicaragua, el salvador, chile, iran, iraq, honduras, bolivia, afghanistan, vietnam, laos, cambodia, thailand, palestine, yemen, libya, guatemala, venezuela, panama, all of the indigenous nations of the americas andContinue reading “the false narrative of american exceptionalism”

Monday night riffing

Was scouring the headlines today (like most days).. the corporate media gets handsomely paid to keep us deaf, dumb, blind and depressed..I do enjoy the articles on cooking and wines under $20 (even though I look for 15 and under myself..have discovered countless yummy ones..I’m a bit of a wine geek..anyway).. I’ve begun reading aContinue reading “Monday night riffing”

“El viruz es el capitalismo..”

The world economy is in tatters..millions of us are homeless, hungry and unemployed..vaccine apartheid is the new colonial/imperial practice..the global north hordes vaccine supplies while not allowing the lifting of patent restrictions..this blocks access to vaccines the global south desperately needs..COVID is rampaging through India, Brazil and many other regions of Asia, Africa, Latin AmericaContinue reading ““El viruz es el capitalismo..””

Hola and Welcome! I’m Rafa coming to you to share my musings, meditations, riffs, bochinche, etc regarding our home..Mother Earth..and how we need to save Her and ourselves from 500 years (and counting) of white supremacy and its siblings..racism, capitalism and militarism..along the way I’ll share moments about two of my simple pleasures.. yummy table wines and futbol..Peace y’all.