Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/35

may we be free from suffering may we be free from oppression may we be free from racism may we be free from militarism may we be free from capitalism may we be free I know a Senegalese brother who lives in Harlem and is an accomplished artist. Our home is filled with his paintings.Continue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/35”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/34

may we be free from suffering may we be free from oppression may we be free from militarism may we be free from materialism/greed/capitalism may we be free‚Ķ -Applied Buddhist mantra #1 humanity has been riding a self-created death spiral for close to 600 years. The planetary capitalist gangsters from Europe and Gringolandia have heldContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/34”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/33

Feliz Domingo de pandemicūüė∑ we get more horrific accounts of the aftermath of Haiti‚Äôs recent earthquake, the collective mind numbing, incalculable traumatic suffering of the Haitian people is beyond the limits of our current linguistic capacities..there really are no words whatsoever to describe their suffering, which has been perpetual, with a dramatic pause..they had theContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/33”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/32

hola mi Gente y feliz sabado de pandemic otra vez! the heat and humidity continues in Harlem and the rats scurry around Morningside park, doing their early morning fitness routines..they keep me company during my early morning runs in the park (slightly different from running with the bulls in Pamplona.) so, the global 1%, alsoContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/32”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/31

Hola y feliz sabado de pandemia. The heat and humidity have returned and so have I. As humanity continues its barbarism towards Mother Earth and her inhabitants (our ignorance is so ingrained that we can‚Äôt even spare ourselves‚Ķmira pa‚Äô alla! Que cosa!) The planetary capitalist gangsters known as the 1% and their lackeys, the political/administrative/technocraticContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/31”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/30

Feliz domingo de pandemia..just glanced at NYT‚Äôs weekend briefing and among all the rather depressing news I almost screamed regarding the following: ‚ÄúBig Oil has made billions in profits in the vast Niger Delta region from decades of extraction. Now some companies are pulling out‚ÄĒ and leaving a mess behind‚ĶToday, the delicate ecosystem of theContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/30”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29

As I watch the Pandemic Olympics (needed to see one of my favorite players‚ĶMarta. She has always been an absolute joy to watch, more entertaining than Neymar), thoughts of a critical nature have crept into my mind regarding my profession of over 30 years‚Ķsocial work. Yes, I have a 30+ year career as a socialContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29”

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28

Buen Lunes de pandemia mi gente..I‚Äôve been scanning the headlines regarding the happenings in mi otra patria, Cuba, there‚Äôs even one from the National fucking Geographic! No me jodas, carajo! Let‚Äôs be perfectly clear here, the fucking pinche gringo government of this terrorist state, the USA have had a ceaselessly brutal, inhuman, terroristic stranglehold, aContinue reading “Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27

Feliz Sabado de variante delta..I‚Äôve been having the absolute pleasure of reading ‚ÄúRevolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination‚ÄĚ by Huey P Newton and Vladimir I Lenin, a collection of his discussions and statements in the spring of 1971..what a joy!..reading the words of a revolutionary icon like brother Newton has been suchContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26

Bueno mi gente, esta haciendo un calor de madre aqui en Harlem..que chevere!!..i just glanced at some of the ‚Äúprogressive ‚Äú weekly briefings, articles, etc. global ‚Äúevents‚ÄĚ..mira pa‚Äôalla, the Haitian President‚Äôs murder was an ‚Äúevent‚ÄĚ of that particular day!..anyway, I have to call a spade a spade..the Intercept and Counterpunch are a complete waste ofContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26”