capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt7..

what is, is/what is not, is possible/only that which is not is possible..the yoke of planetary capitalism must be shattered..the power of the planetary capitalist gangsters/bourgeoisie/pmc must be extinguished..there is no other way, in order to save ourselves and mother earth..was reading an opinion piece by a progressive/establishment journalist..they wrote about collectivism, cooperation and communityContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt7..”

capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt6..

and the hits keep coming..sleepy joe/kamala and their state/terror dept called for some form of “lessening of tensions” in gaza while the scandal plagued netanyahu gives a speech, sounding like the dead little house painter that almost conquered the world some 80 years ago..words to the effect, “we will kill every hamas leader, blow upContinue reading “capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt6..”

capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt 5

as the idf continues its slaughter of palestine’s children in gaza..close to 4 billion dollars annually to israel to finance state sponsored terrorism (your tax dollars at work) there any palatable difference between zionism and nazism..i don’t see it..the us settler colonialist government in full effect..revolting isn’t it, terrorist apartheid state run amok..they vaporized aContinue reading “capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt 5”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism parte cuarto…

as the pandemic seems to be in a slumber outside my harlem window..a lovely saturday night with the ever present aroma of weed floating over the neighborhood (marijuana’s been legalized here long long time ago..didn’t need a politico’s blessing..herbal medication to deal with the ceaseless trauma created by living in a dehumanizing, debased socioeconomic system..theContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism parte cuarto…”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt3…

another pandemic thursday is winding down.. the idf sending out tweets while sending in armed forces into gaza to kill more innocent palestinian children and women..our tax dollars at work..and in colombia , state sanctioned terrorism against the afrocolombiano community..our tax dollars at work..our criminal sanctions imposed upon cuba, iran, venezuela, etc..our tax dollars atContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt3…”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt2

the evening news flashed a scene from the oval office..kamala, nancy, mitch, chuck and joe..masked up, socially distant..dems and repubs duopoly playing game press conference time..mitch, his lying ass self, drops a biggie, “ feb 2020 the economy was at its strongest in 50 years.”..really pendejo, for whom? oh, for you, your thieving wife,Continue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt2”

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt. uno

as i embark on my daily ritual of perusing the news headlines i’m painfully struck by the horrifying amount of pain and suffering that humanity continues to inflict upon itself and our home, mother earth..from india to honduras to palestine to venezuela to columbia to brazil to myammar to puerto rico to iraq to afghanistanContinue reading “capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt. uno”

pa’ ti, tumbao de guaraguao..un poquito de tato..

“congas..congas..congas..congas..congas..congas..desperate hands need a fix from the healthy skin of the congas..congas the biggest threat to heroin..congas make junkies hands healthier..las venas se curan ligero con las congas conguito congas..congueros salsa de guarapo melao azucarero..congas on summer months take the place of the winter fire that the wino congregation seeks, the fire….que calienta los tecatosContinue reading “pa’ ti, tumbao de guaraguao..un poquito de tato..”

the last poets, gil scott heron, pedro pietri..los bravos de la pelicula..

gil scott, pedro p, the last poets..bipoc brothers whose every word, lyric and stanza mesmerized my teenage heart/mind..dropping science with every breath..timely and timeless, their artistry pulverized every single white/gringo/capitalist/militarist/racist/imperialist/colonialist thought to ashes and dust..every listening/reading/memory of their work is like skinny dipping in a cool river of agave sweetened hibiscus ginger tea..(and I can’tContinue reading “the last poets, gil scott heron, pedro pietri..los bravos de la pelicula..”

walter rodney’s opus, “how europe underdeveloped africa”revisited..

while watching newcastle united stunningly defeat leicester city yesterday afternoon, 4-2, all but assuring their place in the epl next season (that brother from paraguay..ese indio, miguel almiron..he’s got game) thoughts floated to an article in common dreams entitled,” 152 trillion dollars. that’s how much wealthy countries drained from the global south since 1960.”.. inContinue reading “walter rodney’s opus, “how europe underdeveloped africa”revisited..”