capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt7..

what is, is/what is not, is possible/only that which is not is possible..the yoke of planetary capitalism must be shattered..the power of the planetary capitalist gangsters/bourgeoisie/pmc must be extinguished..there is no other way, in order to save ourselves and mother earth..was reading an opinion piece by a progressive/establishment journalist..they wrote about collectivism, cooperation and community building as the way forward..please.. I have been writing about these very same ideals for several years now..what the so-called progressive/social justice/blm/red nation, et al movements don’t ever talk about is revolution..the r word..that which is not is possible..we cannot continue with the theatrical performances of marches and rallies..the lords of planetary capital are endlessly bemused/relieved by such lame acts of protest..knowing that they have all the big guns and bullets to..well, you know, retain their sociopathic security!.let me be clear again..the end of capitalism must be envisioned then implemented, in full and fierce’s not going to happen via zoom, google chat, twitter or facebook..that which is not is possible..only through revolution will we create a world, create life worth living..the r word..i reached out to a couple of “known” social justice came off like a saltine cracker, the other, warmly supportive..a stark contrast..the progressive journalism industrial complex..more distraction to protect a failed state..revolution is our only path toward..that which is not is possible.. the world is more than ready to annihilate what has created a 500+ year trail of tears, broken/lifeless minds, hearts and bodies..planetary capitalism’s legacy…but..that which is not is possible.. it is up to each and every one of us to make that which is not, lucha continua 🪘🪘🪘🪘🪘🌼🙏🏽

capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt6..

and the hits keep coming..sleepy joe/kamala and their state/terror dept called for some form of “lessening of tensions” in gaza while the scandal plagued netanyahu gives a speech, sounding like the dead little house painter that almost conquered the world some 80 years ago..words to the effect, “we will kill every hamas leader, blow up every hamas tunnel, etc”..he (in)conveniently omitted the most salient part..”we will kill as many innocent palestinian children and women as we want”..gringo/zionist exceptionalism at its terroristic best/worst..oh, and the little matter of a new (more like never ending) several hundred million dollar arms sales to tel aviv from sleepy joe’s pentagon/ the idf running out of bullets and cluster bombs?..for those that are reading this you may have noticed a recurring theme in my most recent series of posts..not just the same title..the palestinian struggle has historical/spiritual connections to every oppressed/colonized/dispossessed peoples’ struggle anywhere on mother earth, from turtle island to borinquen to ireland to throughout the global south, the dispossessed have been fighting and fighting and fighting to be free from the yoke of planetary gangster capitalism..una lucha perpetua que no se va parar, victoria o muerte.. the planetary capitalists, in their blood soaked, greedy hubris don’t (care) to realize that their 500+ year run is unsustainable..that their karmic debt is beyond measure..that, since they will never cash in their chips and call it a will be done for them and it ain’t gonna be can bet on it! a p.s.-politicians are a parte muy grande of the pmc..just wanted to make sure you got it..the obvious can go unrecognized..that’s a reason why we’re in this 500+ year shit storm in the first place..hasta la proxima..y la lucha continua..🪘🪘🪘✊🏽❤️😷🙏🏽

capitalismo como gangsterismo mundial/pt 5

as the idf continues its slaughter of palestine’s children in gaza..close to 4 billion dollars annually to israel to finance state sponsored terrorism (your tax dollars at work) there any palatable difference between zionism and nazism..i don’t see it..the us settler colonialist government in full effect..revolting isn’t it, terrorist apartheid state run amok..they vaporized a building that had press folks from al-jazeera, the associated press, et al..that’s one way to silence the press while murdering innocents..on another matter, know what the pmc is?.professional managerial class..capitalism’s bourgeoisie..the jds, phds, rev drs, msws, lcsw-rs, mbas, ceos, svps, coos, cpos, vps, cfos, eds, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam..the overeducated yet ignorant, self centered, arrogant and functionally useless muppets/puppets that capitalism spawns as a buffer between the lords of capital and the dark, dirty, brooding masses of humans “los de abajo..the wretched of the earth..mi gente”, that become collateral damage as planetary capital marches along like the energizer bunny on some serious crack..just go to linkedin, they is alll there swappin spit..and the really, really sick shit is that sooo many of them are bipoc!.mira’pa’alla!..que cosa..parece mentira..pero no lo es..any of y’all heard fela anikulapo kuti’s classic, “zombie”, recorded 1976..check it out on utube..speaks for itself and applies to the pmc as mi gente, there’s beaucoup work to be done to save ourselves, our children, our children’s children, etc, etc..because as is evident we not only have to contend with the saltine cracker lords of planetary capitalism but with their bipoc servants within the pmc as well.. the house negroes/negresses/negrexs..buckle up and enjoy the ride, mi lucha continua🪘🪘😷✊🏽👊🏽❤️

capitalism as planetary gangsterism parte cuarto…

as the pandemic seems to be in a slumber outside my harlem window..a lovely saturday night with the ever present aroma of weed floating over the neighborhood (marijuana’s been legalized here long long time ago..didn’t need a politico’s blessing..herbal medication to deal with the ceaseless trauma created by living in a dehumanizing, debased socioeconomic system..the c word that gringos and euros have bludgeoned mother earth and its inhabitants with for over 500 years..planetary gangsters y’all..killers, grifters, torturers, rapists..cold, heartless sick fucks! of the americas aka the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation (some park av branding bullshit) academy for socio/psychopaths that serve wall street and k enrollment for up and coming fascist murderers of women and children..they must have a chapter in israel as the idf continues their genocidal incursion of gaza..hamas with their toy rockets up against one of the most powerful military machines on the planet (our tax dollars at work, immersed in the blood of women and children that look like me)..and that yang dude running for mayor..what a pandering piece of shit, just like every other gringo politico that pledges endless allegiance to the apartheid state of israel.. the mother of apartheid protecting her sibling..white settler colonialist brethren, usa/israel..finally, with 90% of the world’s people yet to get vaccinated and covid wreaking havoc in Latin America, a cacophony of pain, suffering, loss and death..and cuba having created 3 covid vaccines but due to the criminal us-led 60 yr blockade don’t have enough syringes..more gringo derived sick never ends with these fucking be lucha continua..✌🏽😷❤️🪘🌼

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt3…

another pandemic thursday is winding down.. the idf sending out tweets while sending in armed forces into gaza to kill more innocent palestinian children and women..our tax dollars at work..and in colombia , state sanctioned terrorism against the afrocolombiano community..our tax dollars at work..our criminal sanctions imposed upon cuba, iran, venezuela, etc..our tax dollars at work..endless carnage in iraq, afghanistan, yemen, etc..our tax dollars at work..oh, and remember our tax dollars paid for the covid vaccines that big pharma refuses to share with the global south, while these corporate thieving cabrones rake in the mega millions..close to 200,000 latinx fleeing their poverty stricken, corrupt countries (thanks to Washington DC’s ceaseless neocolonial meddling) being detained by ice, the most in several cages, with reynolds wrap blankets and covid for pillows..yet you watch the news and an alternate world is concocted, courtesy of disney and lin manny with his bullshit hamilton money machine..que mierda!.in fact all of broadway es una mierda..unaffordable for poor, working class folks..pero nos estan haciendo un favor..their productions suck!.broadway was so much more entertaining with the peep shows, triple feature movie theatres, the hos and tecatos doing what they do, and the ever present aroma of weed/smoke/ganja perfuming the times sq area..outdoor, community aromatherapy.. que chevere!.. the not so good ol’ days but still better than the present grotesque giant mall..thanks for taking away our cheap thrills and wet dreams rudy g..while you continue indulging in your own..along with being just another stank ass cracker mayor of nyc (the current one is mercifully almost done, taking his pseudo progressive bullshit with him)..speaking of the mayoralty, did you happen to catch any of tonight’s debate?..trying to decide who was the most asinine..easy, they all were including errol l..two hours of collective verbal diarrhea..the times we live in.. the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie..mediocre humans lauded for their mediocrity..a pandemic of mediocrity..don’t say you were never warned..the planetary bourgeoisie loving it as they watch this horrific global telenovela from their skyboxes..that’s it from Harlem✌🏽❤️🪘

capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt2

the evening news flashed a scene from the oval office..kamala, nancy, mitch, chuck and joe..masked up, socially distant..dems and repubs duopoly playing game press conference time..mitch, his lying ass self, drops a biggie, “ feb 2020 the economy was at its strongest in 50 years.”..really pendejo, for whom? oh, for you, your thieving wife, elaine and all your wealthy friends, donors (corporate and individual), the top 10%, there was that massive tax cut you and your pendejo honcho, donald shoved down our throats.. the filthy rich got richer and more compensation over 300 times more than the average worker..while you and your greedy pendejo/a/x friends cry a river when it comes to raising the fed minimum wage to 15/hr!. what makes this arroz con culo so sickening is that 15/hr isn’t even a living ain’t’s been calculated that taking into account cost of living, etc a living wage would be over 40/hr!.mira pa’alla.. cuarenta cocos por hora!! y estos cabrones capitalistas lloran que no pueden dar 15 cuando un cabron/pendejo como bezos es casi un trillonario!.mira pa’alla!..y nosotros los de abajo, los de calle, los humildes que se fajan dia y noche para sobrevivir..comiendonos un cable!..can’t save a dime, trying to squeeze water from a pesadilla gringolandia..and the bipoc bourgeoisie sitting pretty, mimicking the blanquito bourgeoisie, with their bullshit charities and foundations..hey! pendejos/as/x, charity isn’t justice..helloooo!!..i can go on because the bullshit we’re bombarded with by the media, the mis-education system, etc is ceaseless..never ending bullshit to contemplate, al estilo afro/indio/boricua desde harlem..hasta luego✌🏽🪘❤️

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt. uno

as i embark on my daily ritual of perusing the news headlines i’m painfully struck by the horrifying amount of pain and suffering that humanity continues to inflict upon itself and our home, mother earth..from india to honduras to palestine to venezuela to columbia to brazil to myammar to puerto rico to iraq to afghanistan to iran to lebanon to the south bronx to harlem to flint, michigan to the mexican/us border and beyond..the banality/criminality of the ongoing debate surrounding patent waivers and the sharing of intellectual property regarding the Covid-19 vaccines..their creation being funded by the us taxpayer..You and Me!..another example of the inhumane/immoral/criminal greed of big pharma and its servants(gates, fauci, etc)..the hoarding of vaccines by the global north while in the global south black and brown humans are getting infected and dying by the hundreds of thousands daily..while in nyc unlimited metro cards are being given to entice humans to get jabbed and in some areas of the us, 100 dollars and/or free beer is being offered..between the never ending global pandemic and the us led/sanctioned/supported militarism that is being perpetrated upon black and brown children, women and men, globally and domestically, one must conclude that white supremacy/capitalism has lifted its filthy, blood stained curtain, revealing its true nature..planetary gangsterism that makes the mafia, cosa nostra, crips and bloods, the myriad “illicit” drug cartels, et al look like choir boys.. the planetary bourgeoisie have managed to perpetuate mayhem and chaos locally and globally..through pandemic apartheid, the forced underdevelopment of the global south for the bougeosie’s obscene greed and enrichment, the endless militarism to perpetually subjugate brown and black humanity seeking peace, health, the ability to care for themselves and their lead lives that are trauma free, allowing them to thrive..imperialism/colonialism never ended, it just became more scientific, with the same grotesquely brutal never ending consequences..but does anyone even notice all the planetary carnage occurring before our very eyes?..and if so, what are we, the victims of this carnage going to do about stopping the planetary bourgeoisie’s murderous behaviors?…to be continued ✌🏽😷

pa’ ti, tumbao de guaraguao..un poquito de tato..

“congas..congas..congas..congas..congas..congas..desperate hands need a fix from the healthy skin of the congas..congas the biggest threat to heroin..congas make junkies hands healthier..las venas se curan ligero con las congas conguito congas..congueros salsa de guarapo melao azucarero..congas on summer months take the place of the winter fire that the wino congregation seeks, the fire….que calienta los tecatos muertos de frio en el seno de un verano..congas gather around..con un rumboncito caliente…y ahi vienen los morenos a gozar con sus flautas y su soul jazz..congas..congas..tecata’s milk gets warmed..broken veins leave misery..hypodermic needles melt from the voodoo curse of the conga madness.. the congas clean the gasses in the air, the congas burn out everything not natural to our people..congas strong cuchifrito juice giving air condition to faces unmolested by the winds and the hot jungles of loisaida streets..chevere, rumbones, me afecto, me afecto, me afecto, me afecto.”……the new rumbon by tato laviera..a taste of one of our literary giants….y que sigue la rumba..hoy, manana y siempre!!💃🏽🕺🏽🪘🪘🪘

the last poets, gil scott heron, pedro pietri..los bravos de la pelicula..

gil scott, pedro p, the last poets..bipoc brothers whose every word, lyric and stanza mesmerized my teenage heart/mind..dropping science with every breath..timely and timeless, their artistry pulverized every single white/gringo/capitalist/militarist/racist/imperialist/colonialist thought to ashes and dust..every listening/reading/memory of their work is like skinny dipping in a cool river of agave sweetened hibiscus ginger tea..(and I can’t even swim!)..revolutionary medicine for the spirit..the last poets’ classic, “niggers are scared of revolution”..words that are on endless reverb in my heart/mind..”you can take niggers out of the country but you can’t take the country outta niggers.”..the bipoc mis-leadership class!..gil scott’s “winter in america.”..the lyrics “and with the peace sign that vanished in our dreams, never had a chance to grow..and now it’s winter in america and nobody’s fighting ‘cause nobody knows what to say.”..a drop the mike moment..y pedro p’s “suicide note from a cockroach in a low income housing project.”..a sample,”the republican party the democratic party con edison general electric gillete razor blades playtex general motors and all those deadly odors blessed by the daily news should take an overdose of that birth control pill their test tube minds invented in their spare time.” your spirits a favor and check out these brothers’ word symphonies..they’re all my muses, my heart/mind/ gracias mi brothers…bueno, llegamos al fin pero no al cabo porque todavia falta y mucho!..cojelo con take it easy, familia porque la lucha continua..✌🏽🙏🏽👩🏽‍🌾

walter rodney’s opus, “how europe underdeveloped africa”revisited..

while watching newcastle united stunningly defeat leicester city yesterday afternoon, 4-2, all but assuring their place in the epl next season (that brother from paraguay..ese indio, miguel almiron..he’s got game) thoughts floated to an article in common dreams entitled,” 152 trillion dollars. that’s how much wealthy countries drained from the global south since 1960.”.. in sum it states, “the wealthy economies of the global north appropriate 2.2 trillion dollars of wealth annually of resources and labor- embodied in raw materials and hi-tech commodities like smartphones, laptops and cars that are increasingly manufactured abroad- from developing countries in asia, africa and latin america..that amount of money could end extreme poverty globally 15 times over..imperialism never ended it just changed form.”..this utterly horrific news reminded me of something dr. henrik clarke would state endlessly, “slavery was never abolished, the enslavers simply became more scientific.”..which brings me to brother rodney’s aforementioned 1972 classic..slavery, imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, militarism, racism, underdevelopment..what the past 500+ years bipoc communities globally continue to contend bourgeois bipoc, you’re such a big part of this endless enslavement and underdevelopment..will you ever realize that your ego inflating titles, professions, educational experiences, incomes, sick-ass materialism..your entire lives don’t mean shit to anyone but your puny little selves..and this toxic socioeconomic system that has spawned you?..I see your wack-ass daily postings on linkedin..pure, unmitigated, self-aggrandizing the name of d,e& the name of decolonizing the name of creating better nonprofits..all bullshit..despierta mi gente..nos mienten constantemente..son mentirosos de lucha continua..🙏🏽✌🏽