self care/community care #cuatro.. y n’golo kante, motm..

do you know what mutual aid is?.since the pandemic’s onset it was crystal clear that poor, working class, bipoc communities were being viewed as cannon fodder by local, state and federal governments..what made this more stark was that, in nyc for example, these were the very same communities keeping the city alive and moving, even during the most restrictive lockdowns..while the wealthy scampered out of nyc to their 2nd homes in the hamptons or wherever the hell rich people escape to..mind you, nyc was already an epicenter of segregation and grotesque wealth inequality..COVID-19 made sure the world took notice of this ugly reality..again, omg what a country!.yet, where government and nonprofit service orgs failed, regular folks stepped up to help their neighbors and communities meet basic needs of food, medicine, household supplies and social support..neighbors helping neighbors, with love and without expecting a reimbursement fee or co-payment.. the spirit of mutuality brought to life by mutual aid networks in astoria, the south bronx, east new york and countless other communities locally and american dream actualized..a revolutionary love expressed..from below, without a gates or a bezos in sight..mira pa’ alla!! example of this on the futbol pitch is n’golo kante, a french african who plays for chelsea fc and is one of the best midfielders on the planet..quiet, selfless, perpetual motion, relentless..just ask real madrid as he methodically dispossessed them of the ball time and time again yesterday..a joy to watch as he was the man of the all epl champions league final, chelsea v. man city..may 29..can’t wait..and this weekend, a salivating v. atletico liga title hopes in the balance, along with the brovios, leo m y suavecito luis facing off..que chevere!! hay liga!!⚽️⚽️⚽️✌🏽

self care/community care’s gonna take a revolution..

as we inhabit turtle island and go about our daily struggle to survive, the charlatans that inhabit wall street, city hall, albany and washington dc, along with the propagandist media moguls of cnn, msnbc, abc/cbs news, ny times, washington post, et al, continue their concerted effort to keep up the big lie – the american dream..then they rollout their human props.. the rev. als, hakeem jeffries and nydia velazquezes of the world..neoliberal, corporate reformists aka “house bipoc” or the bipoc mis-leadership class (aoc is closing in on her shills to manufacture consent, allowing this plutocracy to continue killing us while the lords of capital keep on capitalizing..omg, what a country!.the bipoc mis-leaders get thrown a bone here, a bone there..nada mas y mucho menos..take a few moments to reflect on my words..time’s up, you can get back to that contemplative space old, deceased colleague who was like a loving uncle to me once said..”we shouldn’t be frightened by the word’s not simply getting some guns and killing the enemy.. the most important, enduring forms of revolution are of the heart, mind and spirit..”Here was this 60 something year old recovering heroin/cocaine addict, nyc born boricua, had just done a 15 year bid in sing sing, dropping science..this moment happened in 1981 and I share it with you now..contemplate!🙏🏽

self care/community care #dos.. o, el encanto de un malbec sabroso..

bipoc communities have traditional/ancestral/primordial wisdom that has given us refuge, strength, vitality and clarity as we continue to meander through the never ending shit storm of white supremacy and its companions- capitalism and militarism..three entities you would never willingly have over for fact, would be happy if they were homeless, sleeping in some toxic waste dump site..forever..until then..this traditional wisdom is what binds us, individually and collectively.. the pandemic has brought out this wisdom through the mutual aid networks that have been doula-ed..mutuality, caring for one another and ourselves, sharing, loving..injecting ourselves with spirit and beauty in the face of horrendous loss and suffering..a limitless jar of healing salve for the traumatic wounds experienced by self and community..this wisdom cannot be commodified or monetized (tho charlatans endlessly try)..may the contents of that jar continue to wash our the sweet waters of Oshun and the savory waters of Yemaya, my two spiritual mothers..maferefun Orisa 🙏🏽..and please find a bottle of red wine called black cabra, an argentine malbec that can make you smile after just one sip..2019 vintage..sabrosura🍷😎

cuidense familia…

from self care to community care, or savoring a chocolate babka w yogurt for dessert..

as bipoc, do we recognize how the inter generational transmission of trauma is a significant source of our pain, suffering, despair and death? under a neoliberal, colonial, imperial, racist, militaristic, misogynistic, patriarchal, capitalist society is creating physical/mental/spiritual dis-ease within us and our communities..don’t bank on a pfizer or j&j vaccine against this 500 year pandemic..we must vaccinate ourselves and each other, y si se puede!..from self care to community care and beyond..our individual and collective treatment plans’ intent?..Salud, Bienestar y Libertad..nada menos..para mi gente de Africa, America Latina y el Caribe…como canta ismaelo r..”pa’lante pa’lante como un elefante..ecua hey!”..con todo mi corazon y hasta la proxima..❤️👩🏽‍🌾🌼

pandemic pondering on a thursday eve…

on a more personal note..i’ve been dealing with generalized anxiety and depression for most of my adult life..i’ve been a social worker for 40 years, having served poor, working class bipoc communities throughout nyc..counseling addicts, alcoholics, the incarcerated, the mentally ill, homeless families and adults..i‘ve been the executive director of 2 community based, social service organizations..i’ve borne witness to limitless pain and personal pain and suffering and that of the communities i’ve served are intertwined..they are me and i am them..shared vulnerability..shared the midst of gringolandia.. the reverberations of our bipoc lives..through the blinding brilliance of hector lavoe, pete “el conde” rodriguez, eddie palmieri, conjunto libre with manny oquendo and the gonzalez bros, andy y jerry, los van van, ray barretto, celia cruz, los munequitos de matanzas, el gran combo, la sonora poncena, etc..i think you catch my drift..the lotus flower floating upon the muddy, fire hydrant filled lake..our spirit lifting, pain soothing, chi activating, cure all healing the old saying, “an alcapurria a day…”

cuidense familia 👩🏽‍🌾

the false narrative of american exceptionalism

let’s be clear..the united states of america is the greatest purveyor of violence and terrorism in the world..ask the peoples of puerto rico, cuba, haiti, dominican republic, nicaragua, el salvador, chile, iran, iraq, honduras, bolivia, afghanistan, vietnam, laos, cambodia, thailand, palestine, yemen, libya, guatemala, venezuela, panama, all of the indigenous nations of the americas and beyond, the philippines, west africa, etc..if i left out a nation please forgive endless mountain of mutilated, raped, tortured, enslaved, incinerated, brutalized, massacred bodies of bipoc babies, children, adults and the elderly..the white house is submerged in an endless ocean of human blood..all in the name of tio sam and wall street.. the founding fathers concocted a plutocracy hidden behind a democratic facade..the dems and repubs in an incessant, sickening duopoly dance..racism, capitalism, militarism, terrorism..the real essence of american exceptionalism..take a moment from your neoliberal, de&i distracted lives and ponder my words..

bueno, como decia el sonero mayor, ismael rivera..”esto fue lo que trajo el barco”..amor y paz..

Monday night riffing

Was scouring the headlines today (like most days).. the corporate media gets handsomely paid to keep us deaf, dumb, blind and depressed..I do enjoy the articles on cooking and wines under $20 (even though I look for 15 and under myself..have discovered countless yummy ones..I’m a bit of a wine geek..anyway).. I’ve begun reading a newly published book, “The Red Deal-Indigenous Action To Save Our Earth..a political program for the liberation that emerges from the oldest class struggle in the Americas-the fight by Native people to win sovereignty, autonomy and dignity..As the Red Nation proclaims, it is time to reclaim the life and future that has been stolen, come together to confront climate disaster, and build a world where all life can thrive.” (from its back cover) affirms all my thinking, feeling, spoken and written word..I’m a child of Don Pedro, Fidel, Che, Malcolm, Martin, Agueybana, Zapata, Cochise, Berta Caceres and countless others..all simply seeking justice and freedom for our peoples and the world..with the understanding that euro/gringo capitalism must be dismantled for this justice and freedom to have the opportunity to be given the Breath of Life..there is no other please, turn off rachel maddow, chris hayes, etc and begin to imagine a world of free human and nonhuman beings..and begin to conceive how we make it real..the status quo, reformist “green new deal” thinking isn’t the the Red Nation states, “It is a deal with the humble people of the Earth; an affirmation that colonialism and capitalism must be overturned for this planet to be habitable for human and other-than-human relatives to live dignified lives; and a pact with movements for liberation, life, and land for a new world of peace and justice that must come from below and to the left.”..get ready y’’s Red Nation time…peace

“El viruz es el capitalismo..”

The world economy is in tatters..millions of us are homeless, hungry and unemployed..vaccine apartheid is the new colonial/imperial practice..the global north hordes vaccine supplies while not allowing the lifting of patent restrictions..this blocks access to vaccines the global south desperately needs..COVID is rampaging through India, Brazil and many other regions of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the contrast, the lords of capital/wall street have obscenely increased their wealth dramatically..pandemic profiteering of the most grotesque order..another example of the toxic obsolescence of capitalism..where is the vaccine for the capitalism virus?

The rain has stopped in Harlem and it looks like it might clear up..signs of a pleasant Sunday afternoon..btw, Barcelona defeated Villarreal, 2-1..Griezmann got both goals but the Nigerian, Samuel Chukweze for Villarreal was superb, scoring a golazo..

Adios y cuidado por ahi..

Hola and Welcome! I’m Rafa coming to you to share my musings, meditations, riffs, bochinche, etc regarding our home..Mother Earth..and how we need to save Her and ourselves from 500 years (and counting) of white supremacy and its siblings..racism, capitalism and militarism..along the way I’ll share moments about two of my simple pleasures.. yummy table wines and futbol..Peace y’all.