capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt13..

as I read the writings of the iconic vietnamese buddhist priest, thich nhat hanh, i feel his words of mindfulness and compassion as healing salves..this world, Mother Earth, is indescribably wonderous and beautiful..even the dirty streets of Harlem (yes, they could use un depojo, una limpieza con mistolin)..this brown little man schooled mlk on the horrors of the vietnam war, as perpetrated by the armed forces of gringolandia…this brown little man stood up to the north vietnamese government as agenda other than stop the war, stop the killing…was exiled..lives in his monastic retreat in france, plum example of quiet, relentless, powerful resistance against and liberation from the planetary gangsterism of gracias TNH…y la lucha continua 🙏🏽🪘❤️

One thought on “capitalism as planetary gangsterism pt13..

  1. The Great Spirit and Mother Earth are always sending messengers our way to steer us towards the truth and light. The messengers have all been different and have been sent to a specific group of people and then worldwide. Why a specific group? The messenger appears to come from among them and speaks their language, eventually the messages, the teachings become available to all. Each time, there is a movement of people who embrace the truth and begin to move towards the light. Unfortunately the majority of humankind continue to live trapped in the world capitalism gave birth to. How do we reach the everyday Juanitas and Juanitos with the information they need to make a conscious decision? This would be a massive undertaking, whom among us is willing to take this on?


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