Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/35

may we be free from suffering

may we be free from oppression

may we be free from racism

may we be free from militarism

may we be free from capitalism

may we be free

I know a Senegalese brother who lives in Harlem and is an accomplished artist. Our home is filled with his paintings. Along with his prodigious creativity he is a kind, sweet soul. When we chat he has shared some of his experiences being an African in gringolandia. Needless to say they haven’t been positive, life affirming ones. His experiences are representative of the monumental struggle we, as conscious/awake BIPOC are ceaselessly entwined in when having to negotiate our dehumanizing, despiritualized, degraded, denigrating, depressing, death based socioeconomic system. What makes this system so much more cruel and degenerate is the reality of how we are our own worst enemy. The European and Euroamerican elites, with hundreds of years of practice in the science of oppression and dehumanization, have an army of BIPOC technocrats/bourgeois/colonized folks, adept in that twisted science. So, mi gente, we see the enemy and it is us! Mira pa’ alla! The core Buddhist teachings are called the Four Noble Truths. The first is that life is suffering (we’re born, we age, we get sick, we die..and for so many of us those are the bearable moments. The trauma of poverty, oppression, violence, injustice..systemic, structural..sponsored by those pinche elites and their political surrogates..add this to the First Truth.) The second truth is that our suffering stems from our craving, our GREED. Well, we have a socioeconomic system that is based upon and continues because of our GREED, a system that spawns a Bezos, a Gates, a Soros, an Obama, a Bloomberg, et al, ad nauseum. I’ll further this musing in the near future..see if you can connect the dots. A shoutout to my Senegalese brother for being human in an inhumane world…🙏🏽🌼🪘❤️

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/34

may we be free from suffering

may we be free from oppression

may we be free from militarism

may we be free from materialism/greed/capitalism

may we be free…

-Applied Buddhist mantra #1

humanity has been riding a self-created death spiral for close to 600 years. The planetary capitalist gangsters from Europe and Gringolandia have held humanity captive during this time while desecrating Mother Earth, all to feed their ceaseless capitalist greed. From Covid to neoimperialism to ideological capture, these gangsters continue to profit off our collective misery, our technocratic of the Buddhist seals of existence is impermanence..everything changes..600 years become 6 seconds in the life of the universe. Humanity has been given a pathway to freedom, to liberation..a pathway based upon generosity, loving kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy. We have an opportunity to be free —- right here, right now. Everything changes..transformation is a foundational principle of existence. It is up to you and me to create the conditions for a loving, compassionate and joyous world which is the antithesis of the current capitalist planetary gangsterism..we are what we think..with our thoughts we create our world..the Buddha is a revolutionary..

Malcolm X is Buddha

Martin Luther King is Buddha

Don Pedro Alibizu Campos is Buddha

Berta Cáceres is Buddha

Fidel Castro is Buddha

Che Guevara is Buddha..

may we be Buddha

may we be revolutionary

may we be free…


Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/33

Feliz Domingo de pandemic😷 we get more horrific accounts of the aftermath of Haiti’s recent earthquake, the collective mind numbing, incalculable traumatic suffering of the Haitian people is beyond the limits of our current linguistic capacities..there really are no words whatsoever to describe their suffering, which has been perpetual, with a dramatic pause..they had the audacity in 1791 to 1793 to become the only successful slave rebellion in human history and the first democratic republic in this half of Mother Earth, defeating their European slave masters/genocidalists (the precursors to the current planetary capitalist gangsters.) And for their audacity to succeed in the fulfillment of their natural born right for freedom and liberation, they have been ceaselessly punished by these gangsters. From the assassinations of presidents to earthquakes to the gangsterism of the UN, other NGOs (ex. the Red Cross), the Clintons, Wycleaf Jean, the governments of France, Canada and Gringolandia, and other parasitic/criminal elements, Haiti has undergone perpetual political and economic rape, an endless, immeasurable abomination. Haiti has been one of the countless workshops of planetary capitalist gangsterism. Yet, the Haitian people persist in their struggle to exist and be free..Long Live the Haitian Revolution! Long Live the Haitian People!
anima Mundi..Venceremos!🪘🙏🏽❤️

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/32

hola mi Gente y feliz sabado de pandemic otra vez! the heat and humidity continues in Harlem and the rats scurry around Morningside park, doing their early morning fitness routines..they keep me company during my early morning runs in the park (slightly different from running with the bulls in Pamplona.) so, the global 1%, also known as the planetary capitalist gangsters, continue marching us all down the twisted path to potential I mentioned in my prior post, is there some way to free ourselves and Mother Earth from the death grip of these gangsters? there have been revolutionary moments in humanity’s history which allowed us glimpses of freedom/liberation. one of those moments occurred 2600 years ago, in India, a person of color, through sustained, committed meditation and contemplation, awakened and freed his mind. this revolutionary act of liberation was experienced by this person who has become to be known as “the awakened one, the great physician, the enlightened one”, amongst other handles…Shakyamuni Buddha. He freed himself from the shackles of our world of daily existence and reaquainted himself with the basic sanity, healthiness, and wakefulness that we are all born with..a truly revolutionary act! One of his principal messages was/is..”if I could do it, anyone can.” And thus began the practice of Buddhism (please note, I emphasize PRACTICE..contrary to its history, Buddhism was never meant to be a religion, but humanity seems to get shit twisted..alot!) through his experienced awakening, the Buddha laid the foundation for a psychological practice of self-liberation and freedom, a state of being that goes contrary to the aspirations of the global 1% of endless human enslavement. What I have begun to share with you emanates from being a student of Buddhism for over 40 years. What I have learned is to not get caught up in the sectarian codification and commodification of Buddhism by all the so-called scholars, gurus, lamas, etc. because they obfuscate the essence of the Buddha’s revolutionary practice of self liberation and freedom..and with sustained, sincere commitment this freedom is accessible to ALL of US! anima Mundi..Venceremos🙏🏽❤️🌄

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/31

Hola y feliz sabado de pandemia. The heat and humidity have returned and so have I. As humanity continues its barbarism towards Mother Earth and her inhabitants (our ignorance is so ingrained that we can’t even spare ourselves…mira pa’ alla! Que cosa!) The planetary capitalist gangsters known as the 1% and their lackeys, the political/administrative/technocratic elites, continue insulting our intelligence while stealing the proverbial cookies and cookie jar from the rest of us. The insults are nonstop, through their media/misinformation apparatus to their miseducation system, from Head Start to post graduate and beyond, we have been deceived, distracted, diminished, distressed, dispossessed, and eventually we will be disposed of. Mi gente, it’s called ideological capture or more simply put, slavery. Yes, as one of my mentors framed it, slavery has never been abolished, the crackers just became scientists of enslavement! This is the muck and mire of our daily lives under the planetary gangsterism of capitalism…no, we won’t be voting ourselves out of it nor will we be shooting our way out (anyway, the 1% and their lackeys have all the guns!) Nor will we be praying, fasting, drugging or drinking our way out (tho the drinking/drugging will put you on the fast track toward disposability!) Some progressive types have expressed the notion of the reemergence of a “multi polar political world” being a counterweight to these gangsters. Unfortunately this notion is obsolete, the nonaligned movement is in the dustbin of history and these so called multi polar political actors (exs. China, et al) are planetary capitalist gangsters themselves! The muck and mire, we’re stuck in, mi there a way out of this morass? Let’s find out!..Anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos!🪘🙏🏽😷❤️

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/30

Feliz domingo de pandemia..just glanced at NYT’s weekend briefing and among all the rather depressing news I almost screamed regarding the following: “Big Oil has made billions in profits in the vast Niger Delta region from decades of extraction. Now some companies are pulling out— and leaving a mess behind…Today, the delicate ecosystem of the Niger Delta is one of the most polluted places on the planet.” Why didn’t anyone do anything to prevent this ecological disaster/planetary capitalist gangster/corporate terrorist act to even occur? And now that this terroristic act has become a NYT weekend briefing item, will anyone be held accountable for this blatantly obvious crime against humanity and Mother Earth? Is Chevron, et al, allowed to simply pull up their stakes and ride of into the sunset, raking in billions while leaving behind regional communities that will experience generations of avoidable suffering, illness, and death? Mi gente, this is only one example of the state of our world. Is anyone even paying attention?…may the people/communities of the Niger Delta region receive material reparatory justice in this lifetime. The briefing ends, “Now hundreds of women, who do most of the fishing in the creeks and marshes, are trying to call the oil companies to account.” Doesn’t it always seem like the sisters — mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, etc, who do most of the daily work, also step in the breach to try and make something happen to address these acts of gross, death-based criminality, as perpetrated by Big Oil! Blessings to THEM ALL!!! Anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos…🙏🏽❤️🌼🪘

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/29

As I watch the Pandemic Olympics (needed to see one of my favorite players…Marta. She has always been an absolute joy to watch, more entertaining than Neymar), thoughts of a critical nature have crept into my mind regarding my profession of over 30 years…social work. Yes, I have a 30+ year career as a social worker, serving NYC’s most marginalized and oppressed communities of color. From persons trying to cope with addictions, to homeless adults and families, to persons experiencing mental health challenges , to persons living with (and dying from) HIV, to seniors of color living in chronic poverty, to families involved with the criminal justice and child welfare systems, I’ve been on the shore of a seemingly endless ocean of trauma, pain, and suffering. Throughout the years I realized that the unconditional acceptance of ALL who came to me for help was the beginning of the beginning of an opportunity to cultivate a potentially helping relationship with ALL who approached or were obligated (due to being mandated) to see me. I also gradually began to make the direct connection between THEIR pain and suffering and the planetary capitalist socioeconomic system that we are all being dominated by. Yes, mi gente, inter generational poverty, inequality, dehumanization and oppression can make you very sick and eventually kill you! Another realization was how the social work profession is a major feature of this oppression, stifling meaningful dissent among the oppressed, engaging in practices to maintain the status quo, and fostering the manufacturing of consent. Please understand, these are the aims of the ENTIRE social work profession (peruse LinkedIn and you will see in virtual color what I’m speaking of…if you mindfully pay attention.) Social work is the predominant foundation of the nonprofit human services industrial complex. Specifically, nonprofit human services CEOs can make millions in salary while their frontline staff, predominantly women of color need to work two jobs just for them and their families to get by and stay out of the homeless shelter. This is the state of social work— the lame, reformist thinking of social workers, and their role as gatekeepers for the plutocrats, keeping the “wretched of the earth” in perpetual wretchedness…but there is a another way that can lead to healing and eventual liberation….and doesn’t cost a dime…hasta la proxima….anima Mundi o Muerte…Venceremos!🙏🏽🪘❤️🌼

Capitalism as planetary gangsterism/28

Buen Lunes de pandemia mi gente..I’ve been scanning the headlines regarding the happenings in mi otra patria, Cuba, there’s even one from the National fucking Geographic! No me jodas, carajo! Let’s be perfectly clear here, the fucking pinche gringo government of this terrorist state, the USA have had a ceaselessly brutal, inhuman, terroristic stranglehold, a complete blockade against Cuba for 60+ years and counting. These pinche gringos, and their gusano cheerleaders in Miami are gleefully salivating over the prospect of the end of the Cuban Revolution. Let me be perfectly clear again, all revolutions for freedom, justice, and dignity go through pangs of distress, particularly when your archenemy is 90 miles away and happens to have had their foot on your neck for all these fucking years! And this archenemy happens to be the biggest/baddest white supremacist, gangster capitalist, militaristic imperialist state the world has ever known! You fucking gringos don’t even know your own fucking government of mass murderers, rapists, and criminals, que idiotas son! So before any of you Cuban Revolution haters eat that plate of picadillo (which I hope gives you a bad case of the runs!) contemplate the words of El Commandante, Fidel Castro, champion of the world’s poor and oppressed…”los hombres pasan, las ideas quedan”…anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 🪘❤️✊🏽🙏🏽

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/27

Feliz Sabado de variante delta..I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of reading “Revolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination” by Huey P Newton and Vladimir I Lenin, a collection of his discussions and statements in the spring of 1971..what a joy!..reading the words of a revolutionary icon like brother Newton has been such a refreshing departure from the current bullshit and drivel being written (please read pt26.) Having read halfway through this classic, I’m struck by his pinpoint, razor sharp lucidity regarding the planetary capitalist their sole purpose is to amass ever increasing wealth and power and in this quest these “madmen” as he calls them, will kill us all! EXACTLY!!! my sentiments and musings elucidated by brother Newton. Responding to a question regarding the impending ecological crisis, he makes a cogent point never spoken by the so-called environmental movement of today. “But when we talk about the capitalists’ exploitation of nature— the kind of thing discussed now called the Ecology movement— we often forget that people themselves are a part of the natural world. The mass murder of Blacks in Africa during the slave trade, all the depredations the Europeans committed in South America and the Caribbean, the genocide committed by Nazi Europe against the Jews, the Slavs, the gypsies, and, of course, against all people of colour, are probably the greatest examples of the exploitation of nature by the capitalists. You know the greatest ecological crime being committed right now? The bombing of Vietnam. And we think that until the ecology movement starts recognizing these facts, it will remain largely irrelevant to the majority of people in the world.”(p.67)…mo’ dupe Huey P Newton..anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos 😷🪘❤️✌🏽✊🏽👊🏽🌼

capitalism as planetary gangsterism/26

Bueno mi gente, esta haciendo un calor de madre aqui en Harlem..que chevere!!..i just glanced at some of the “progressive “ weekly briefings, articles, etc. global “events”..mira pa’alla, the Haitian President’s murder was an “event” of that particular day!..anyway, I have to call a spade a spade..the Intercept and Counterpunch are a complete waste of time, they’re as progressive as Chucky Schumer!.de verdad! Today’s Counterpunch had an article entitled “What Makes Nations Evil”..really?.the epitome of irrelevance! And the Intercept, well let me say that their articles belong in Counterpunch!.or vice versa..y’all know what the fuck I’m trying to say!.let us proceed to V Prashad’s Tricontinental’s “dossier” on the overall militarization of Mother Africa, led by these pinche gringos (remember, the only two things gringos are good for are breaking things and hurting people!) the “dossier” was a snoozer of a read, a collection of words making a conclusion which could have been done in a paragraph!.pero, tu sabes que el Tri loves to jump into the weeds with banal details and photos, asinine drivel!.unless you’re an arms merchant looking to sell weaponry to countries in Mother they can break things and hurt people!! Catch my drift..lame, lame, lame, the whole lot of you! Is it because they have a bunch of bourgeois pseudo intellectual types writing this bullshit? They must need to write this drivel to continue getting paid.. If they’re getting paid by the turd they must be muy ricos!! Mi gente, I’m just tired of being surrounded by an endless sea of bullshit, which is what the planetary capitalist gangsters want to see growing even more as they continue their murderous plunder of Mother Earth and the neocolonial subjugation of the Global South..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the world..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the’s past time that we begin to think differently to make a just, equitable, peaceful and beautiful’s up to you, me, and EVERYONE!! Anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos…🪘🙏🏽✊🏽✌🏽❤️