capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt25

as the world turns, another Haitian president gets eliminated, this time in a hail of bullets..and the world rolls out its usual bullshit, “ohh, pooor Haiti, when will it ever get its shit together?..let us pray”..and the neocolonial beat goes on. The big banana man, as was one of handles, became president and it seems he pissed everyone off, the Haitian people seemed to not like him, he was despised by the folks who truly rule Haiti, the of gangster Haitian elite, who keep all the money and what do the people get?..UN care packages..the Euro/Canadian/Gringo multinationals that have been sucking the country dry of every motherfucking natural resource that these pendejos/as/x can profit from, along with the fact that Haiti has been a national sweatshop for many, many, many years now (just look at some of shit y’all buy, capitalist consumers of the global north), and of course the neocolonial players in DC, Paris, London, Berlin, et why did he universally piss everyone off? Apparently, due to the horrific chaos in Haitian politics (dissolved Parliament, local elections postponed, etc) the big banana man, who had made a humongous fortune as a banana exporter, seemingly making him part of the gangster Haitian elite, had some apparent delusions of grandeur, seeing the sorry state of the political scene, which he contributed to in many ways. He sought to expand his presidential powers, assuming a virtual vise grip on Haitian politics..not a good career move! The gangster cabal of the local elites, the multinationals, and their global north political socios, who are themselves presidents, prime ministers, chancellors..what ever bullshit title that’s been concocted for them, gave him his letter of termination of employment, gangster style..another Haitian president who simply bit too much that he could chew and was gunned down like a dog because of it…what make this most recent blood splattered paragraph in Haitian history so infuriating is that the Haitian people don’t deserve this..they should be ceaselessly celebrated by all freedom living peoples of the global south (fuck the global north)..they are the children of the only successful slave rebellion in world history, the Haitian Revolution…and they’ve been paying the price for this remarkable achievement (twisted, yes?) but that’s how these planetary gangster capitalists mi gente, this is El Coqui que Habla’s two cents. Que Viva la nation de Haiti! Que Viva la Revolucion Haitiana! Y con Dios y Haitianos de moral, virtud, justicia, no vendido, y ponen su pueblo de frente, que la Patria/Pueblo Haitiano algun dia viva en prosperidad collectiva y Paz, mas temprano que tarde…anima Mundi o Muerte, Venceremos!

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