capitalism as planetary gangsterism/pt19

buenas tardes familia, I just finished reading 2 articles about NYC, the abysmal fiasco of THRIVE NYC, an allegedly innovative initiative toward addressing mental health issues and the class/caste entrenched segregation of its school let me be clear, as a life long New Yorker, I can categorically state that NYC is a global epicenter of social/racial/economic inequality, unsurprisingly so. when you look past the I LUV NYC or NY TOUGH marketing campaigns concocted you see an apartheid city within an apartheid state within an apartheid nation. the white settler/colonist/segregationist origins/foundations of the USA are mirrored in NYC’s social/economic/cultural realities. mental illness is a consequence of the intergenerational traumatic, toxic, dehumanizing nature of capitalism. the perfect vehicle for the endless reproduction of this structural dehumanization is NYC’s educational system. These are realities NO ONE ever talks about- the profoundly dis-ease producing nature of our socioeconomic system..what in Allah’s name do you expect when a nation is built upon the foundational principles of racism, materialism, and militarism?. a society of compassionate, caring, sane, well adjusted humans? how can that even be considered when the american way of life is patently INSANE?!!!..we are what we think, with our thoughts we make the world..and you’re still perplexed why this city and this country is so stuck in a dark, deep mire of SHIT!? if you can’t smell it you need a seriously large jar of Vicks up your nose to clear out your mental snots!!! El viruz es el capitalismo…🙏🏽🥷🏽❤️🌄

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